What is Cryptocurrency and Why Gold is a Better Investment Than Cryptocurrency

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What’s the big deal about cryptocurrencies? Aren’t they for young and trendy investors with nothing significant to lose? Why do retirees consider them worthwhile at all considering how little value they’ve retained throughout the years? How many scams have seniors fallen for and lost big money as a result of all the hype?

Before making any type of investment, it’s best to know the facts. That way, you can avoid the fallout that occurs with poor investing. You’ll protect your assets and maintain the type of lifestyle you hope to enjoy once retired and not part of the workforce anymore. This brief guide highlights the advantages of investing in gold and the challenges that come with cryptocurrency so you know what you’re getting into the next time you want to diversify your portfolio.

The Advantages of Gold

What’s there not to love about gold? It’s among the top precious metals in the world! It’s been used as currency for centuries. People spent their entire lives mining for small amounts of it as a way of providing for their families. Gold’s backstory is long, impressive, and worth getting to know especially if you’re planning on investing in a Gold IRA or adding the precious metal to your diversified retirement portfolio.

Websites selling gold coins are not created equal. In fact, some give you more bang for your proverbial buck. For example, Red Rock Secured offers educational resources so you can be a more informed investor. We provide valuable guides, blogs, and tips to help you secure the retirement lifestyle you’ve always desired. We’re readily available to assist you with any questions, concerns or challenges you might have, too.

What is Cryptocurrency and The Challenges of Cryptocurrencies

Although cryptocurrencies have gained ground since they were first introduced in the marketplace, they have yet to be as widely known or revered as precious metals such as gold. Even though the Bitcoin has taken on a tangible form by masquerading as something valuable, it’s not made of gold, silver or platinum. The monetary value of gold coins is in the material itself not the value it’s meant to represent.

Cryptocurrency buyers are more susceptible to being scammed. There are well-known Ponzi schemes developing every day to swindle you out of your hard-earned money. There are also groups created daily to pass off lower value cryptocurrencies to unsuspecting buyers. Even if you were to buy through a well-known investment site, the only real liability they have is in including a disclaimer stating that you could lose your money by investing in digital currency such as the Bitcoin.

Make Better Investment Decisions with Red Rock Secured

Now you know why gold is a better investment than cryptocurrencies. Rather than waste your hard-earned savings on something that may not pay off, go with the obvious choice by buying precious metals from a company that you trust such as Red Rock Secured. Not only do you have a liquid asset that retains its value when other types of investments lose purchasing power, you’re also able to benefit from significant increases in value without being penalized until you’re ready to withdraw from your Gold IRA and pay taxes then.


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