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Understanding Precious Metals

Red Rock Secured leads the industry in providing clients a comprehensive education regarding the different ways to obtain precious metals. All our investors receive a thorough metals consultation prior to each and every investment they make so that they can select the type and form of precious metal they prefer to acquire.

The metals consultation covers in detail the precious metals categories – Common Bullion, Monetized Bullion, Monetized Bullion (Limited Quantity), and Numismatic – as well as the differences between each.  A key difference, and one that investors should be particularly mindful of, concerns what distinguishes private and non-trackable assets from assets that are not private and trackable.  This is commonly referred to as the CUSIP List. Let's explore all the metal types for investment.

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'Red Rock staff has been very helpful and very knowledgeable in the matter. I recommend them for your gold and silver investments.'

Louis c.

I am thankful to feel increasingly educated, as a new client with RRS. I highly recommend this company.

Heather s.

Their top-notch investment team was extremely helpful for making decisions about retirement and the safety of my investments

Destiny d.

Custom Metals Allocation

We help you select the right metals for you, your goals, and to protect your portfolio.

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Red Rock Secured has developed long lasting relationships to help you buy, transfer, and reallocate your metals based on the market.

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All your metals are stored in secured vaults in the USA and can be liquidated at your discreation.

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