About Red Rock Secured

Red Rock Secured is a privately held company based in Southern California. Our mission is to protect our clients’ retirement through education, offering premium and secure products, and providing excellent customer service. We are a company built on values and integrity.

What We Value

What Matters…


Never zero policy. Investing’s very nature is ‘high-risk and high-reward’ Red Rock secured is in the business of protecting our client’s investments and retirement. We promise when investing with Red Rock Secured, our client’s portfolio will never go to $0.


The best clients are informed clients. We provide a high-level of investment education, knowledge, and historical data to best support individual diversification plans.


We invest in people. We are most interested in the security of your investment – we promise high levels of communication, built upon trust, supported by acting with integrity. Our success is shared with client success.


Strategic blend. Protecting your retirement starts with a well-diversified mix of investments, we offer products to best secure your retirement for the long term and ensuring high levels of liquidity.

Experience The Red Rock Difference
Meet our Gold Experts

At Red Rock Secured we only hire and retain the best and most experienced talent. We pride ourselves on our team of gold and precious metals experts. Every expert is fully equipped to help you better understand gold IRAs and ways to best protect your retirement.