Depository Storage

Secure and safe storage is why your gold investment is worth owning. All our gold and precious metals products are backed and insured. Convert your retirement to real physical gold and know that you are no longer subject to cyber-attack, hacking, or any geopolitical or policy change. Red Rock Secured believe our clients should be able to hold their investments in their hands. Gold is the answer.

Owning physical precious metals inside an IRA is an excellent way to preserve and potentially even grow your retirement wealth. One way is through our gold depository IRA.

We ensure that your IRA-held metals are stored in a top-tier depository with state-of-the-art security and that they’re 100% insured. Through a quick, simple process, your existing retirement account is converted to a special IRA that can legally hold precious metals. A qualified custodian will administer your IRA — e.g. handle asset purchases and liquidations — but you retain 100% control of the investments in your account.

Clear documentation is kept to verify ownership of each piece of metal in your account, and you can visit the depository whenever you would like to see your metals in person. Additionally, your metals are not included in the depository’s balance sheet. So in the unlikely event of a depository failure, your metals are never at risk of being seized in bankruptcy proceedings.

At Red Rock Secured, we love empowering our customers with the freedom and control they have over this highly liquid asset contained within a retirement account. Call today for more details.

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At Red Rock Secured, we only hire and retain the best and most experienced talent. We pride ourselves on our team of gold and precious metals experts. Every expert is fully equipped to help you better understand gold IRAs and ways to best protect your retirement.