What are Gold IRAs?

A Gold IRA is an Individual Retirement Account that is invested in gold coins, bars, or bullion instead of stocks, mutual funds, etc. The account can either be set up with pre-tax funds or as a Roth IRA, bought with post-tax money. The Internal Revenue Service allows holders of self-directed IRA accounts to purchase bars and coins minted from gold or other approved precious metals such as silver, platinum, or palladium.

Gold is more accessible to investors now than ever before. Investors can easily include Gold (and other precious metals) in their retirement savings portfolio. The diversity of your retirement investment plan with precious metals creates a wider variety of individual investment strategies and risk tolerances.

A Gold IRA allows you as an investor to strategically protect your portfolio. A gold IRA is real physical gold – it cannot be hacked, it cannot be manipulated by world events or geopolitics. It is real, you can hold it in your hands, and you can own it as part of your retirement solution.

Physical gold carries no counterparty risk, cannot be printed at will by any central bank and is a physical property that cannot be diluted. Physical gold and silver have stood the test of time for thousands of years and maintains value in the face of inflation, market volatility, political turmoil, currency devaluation, threats of terrorism, and war. While inflation and the constant devaluation of paper currency wither away purchasing power, precious metals act as powerful pillars of protection and shield against these corrosive forces.

One of the primary reasons to own gold is that it acts as a diversifier that is inversely correlated with the stock market. Gold can act as insurance for your portfolio when the economy crashes. Gold ETFs (Electronic Transferred Funds), however, negate the diversification benefit of gold because it is highly dependent on the banking system

In a potential crisis from a market crash to a dollar collapse, physical gold will not only retain its value but appreciate in value. Gold and precious metals could be used as a medium of exchange to replace a worthless dollar. With physical gold, an investor would be prepared if the worst scenarios came to pass.

At Red Rock Secured, we aim to protect your retirement. WE want to provide you with a protected confidence and even free you up to make other ‘high-risk’ investments knowing your gold backed IRA is always there.

The Benefits of Owning Gold

If your retirement account is too heavily weighted towards dollar-based assets like stocks, mutual funds and bonds your portfolio could be fully exposed to another massive drop in value that devastated investors in the 2008 Financial Crisis. Historically, Gold and other precious metals are how the savvy investor has mitigated and even leveraged large market fluctuations. Furthermore, there are not many other options aside from completely shorting the market that will safely and consistently perform well.

The reality of owning authentic physical gold cannot be matched. Due to technological advancement literally, every other type of investment is not even on paper anymore. Your investments are now 'data' - 1's and 0's sitting on a server somewhere that your traditional investment advisor isn't even aware of. Even worse, is most investors and advisors alike have no idea what to do in the advent of that technology being compromised, hacked, or frozen. Gold and precious metals are key for stability in a well-balanced portfolio. Real gold is real secure.

Why You Need to Diversify

If you do not have tangible assets in your retirement account, all you really have are numbers on a computer screen. Physical gold and silver are recognizable worldwide, helping secure your wealth in any and all market conditions. Diversity is how the investor will weather any unforeseen market shift. Diversity in precious metals is how to diversify.

Even within the precious metals investment category, there are ways to diversify. For instance, different types of metals, like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. As well as different ways to store your metals - at home or in a secure vault. We at Red Rock Secured believe the healthiest way to invest is by considering all your options - and investing relative to what the current market trends might suggest while anticipating for uncertainty - always. We are here for security!

Wealth Preservation

A portfolio without precious metals is like a ship with no anchor. Gold and silver maintain an inverse relationship with nearly all “risk-on” assets like stocks. Thus, metals have provided excellent protection against loss of value in the dollar and stock indices worldwide. Gold has stood the test of time throughout the ages, empires, and political structures, consistently increasing in value and rarity.

What could be more secure than real physical gold? Stock and bonds won't even come close, EFT's, and even paper currencies are all subject to the whims of leaders, dictators, war, famine, and economic collapse. Gold has been valued throughout time since the Egyptian empire, to Inca and Mayans, Rome, the Middle Ages, and today - ever more popular to secure and preserve wealth.

Capitalize on Low Fees

According to The Atlantic 401(k) and IRA fees might be costing you HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over your lifetime. Metal accounts are frequently an excellent low-cost alternative, oftentimes, with much lower fee structures. Gold is simple. Gold is clean. The fees are easy and make sense. Red Rock is here to make investing easier - not more complex.

Are you tired of the overly complex and always fluctuating fee structures of your existing retirement accounts? We are not sure what advisors even do - most of the time they are using robot-trading or algorithms to make investment decisions more than they are. Why should you be charged a fee to have someone put your hard earned money into a computer and sit back to collect fees from you?

Keeping Your Money Secure

With the Federal Government nearly $20 Trillion in debt and $14 Trillion in pre-tax retirement accounts, many investors are looking to pull value out of the banking system for safekeeping close to home. Gold allows the smart investor to protect their investment in a secure location near their residence - who knows what will happen with the national debt - but you don't have to be a victim of a political choice.

Security routinely is one of the top reasons people are looking to invest. Security in their future, security for their family, security and protection from the unforeseen. After witnessing the highs and lows of traditional investment - we have made it our mission to offer secure investment opportunities to protect our clients.

Roll Over to a Golden Retirement

The world is uncertain – protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.

At Red Rock Secured we are here to help educate you as an investor and inform you of the best ways to protect your retirement through strategic diversification in precious metals and gold. Call and speak to one of our gold investment experts now to ensure a healthy, diverse, and stress-free retirement portfolio.