“There are simply not enough words to describe how satisfied I am with the service I received at Red Rock Secured. I was thinking about doing something like this for quite awhile.”
~Nelson Simmons
“I enjoyed working with Red Rock Secured. The group that helped develop my account is professional and transparent. It was important for my wife to be involved .Barry took the time to mail us an educational brochure and he would often stay in communication via email.”
~Peter Walker
“I must admit I was a bit skeptical “before” speaking with Jeff. I found him to be informative, trustworthy and he applied no harsh sales tatics! Great overall experience and would reccommend him and Red Rock to others.”
“Great company and Jeff was amazing to deal with. I did a ton of online research about investing in gold and silver versus the stock market and I talked to numerous companies but Red Rock and Jeff walked me through the pros and cons and answered”
~Denver Wood
“I had been considering making gold and silver a part of my investment strategy for years, but hadn’t felt comfortable with the companies I had talked to. I am glad that I found Tony with Red Rock.He took the time to make me feel comfortable which was no small .”
“As someone who has only had small investments in stocks, Red Rock was very helpful in explaining the differences between the markets of metals and stocks. Red Rock took me through the benefits of why diversifying your investments could minimize losses.”
“After looking at the other gold and silver companies I chose to work with Red Rock Secured. They are clear, knowledgeable, patient and offer great customer service.”
~Paul V
“As a retired police officer, I’m used to being suspicious about everything that sounds too good to be true, especially when it comes to something that I know nothing about.Investing in gold and silver was something I had no clue about, even though .”
~Mark Matthews
“I was very curious into protecting my TSP. I requested a guide from Red Rock on how I can achieve this with Gold and Silver. They called me to verify where to send the guide and explained to me how I can purchase precious metals inside my TSP.”
~John George
“Jeff and Tony are phenomenal! Attentive, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. My husband and I had been thinking about making this type of investment with our IRAs for awhile but never did because the other companies we’d spoken with in the past could never.”
~Mary Spelling
“5 stars for redrock secured. Barry Leigon Brett Carroll Jeff Ward, these guys rock! they truly care about your future. these folks take the time to carefully walk you thru the prosess answering any and all questions one on one.”
~David Miller
“I was very pleased with the professionalism, courtesy and great communication I was provided prior to my order. I was also pleased with the amount of time that was spent going over my options and the information I was given to make certain the product.”
~E. J.