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Making your money work better for you.

Whoever said, “No risk, no reward,” clearly didn’t have a lot to lose. As you steadily reach retirement age, the risks become greater and the rewards need to be a lot more set in stone. After all, how else do you expect to live the rest of your lifetime dealing with things such as inflation, an economic crisis, and medical emergencies? These are the things that kill retirement dreams and cause you to live hand to mouth. They leave you feeling vulnerable even though you prepared your whole adult life for retirement.

What if there was a better way to invest your hard-earned money than in stocks and bonds? If it involved no penalties and fees, would you be willing to give it a chance? invest in gold IRA or precious metals IRA gives you the freedom and security you’ve been trying to achieve for decades. It puts you in control of your finances so that you’re able to live the life you always dreamed of as a retiree.

Here is what you need to know about gold and precious metal investing in gold IRA:

  • You can move your pre-tax dollars into a Gold IRA with us without losing money. Your money remains untaxed until you decide to sell your coins and bouillon. By then, you’ll have amassed a larger sum of money thanks to the invest in gold IRA appreciating in value. Unlike other investments which are subject to corporate and national politics and the economy, gold, silver, and platinum are never considered ‘worthless’. They retain their value better due to the scarcity of precious metals which cannot be printed at will like US currency.
  • Our inventory is vast, making it easy for you to choose the investments that are right for you. Looking at our online catalog familiarizes you with the different types of precious metals that we offer for sale. We keep our inventory diverse to meet the needs of our customers. Finding the right coins to invest in gold IRA allows you to diversify your portfolio in a way that makes sense to you. It gives you greater financial freedom by allowing you to be the driving force behind the investment decisions that you make.

We aim to please which is why we make moving your money into a Gold IRA easy. As always, feel free to ask any questions that would help you make the important decision about investment in gold IRA, silver or platinum. We’re here to assist in making your retirement dreams come true.

Investing Your Retirement Savings the Right Way

Grow the money you’ve stowed away. With investing in Gold from Red Rock Secured, it’s far easier to profit from your investments. Precious metals have long retained their value as forms of currency. Diversify your portfolio by transferring some or all of your traditional IRA savings into invest in gold IRA. There’s no penalties and fees involved with doing so and to date, gold, silver, and platinum continue to hold their value better than other types of investments you can make.

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We’re constantly watching out for our customers and their retirement savings.

Gold depositories are talked about often but how do you know which to pick to store your retirement investments in? Is there a way of determining the institution that is the most worthy of your business? Are there standard practices for storing precious metals with great value?

If you find yourself asking questions like these regularly, read further for more information about gold depositories and the qualities that the institutions should have so you’re able to make an informed decision about which you keep your investments until you’re ready to cash them in.

What to Look for in a Depository

When looking for a gold depository to keep your investments in, you’ll want to find the safest and most secure options available. After all, you’re putting your trust in an institution that you’re just getting to know for the first time. When deciding which gold depository to store your retirement savings in, think about the reputation of the bank and how long it has been in existence.

Also, note its insurance practices. That way, you know exactly how much of your retirement savings is protected. Knowing how your precious metals are being inventoried and retrieved are also important considerations to make when choosing a depository to house your gold, silver, and platinum.

Why Red Rock Secured’s Depository is Your Best Option

There are many reasons why Red Rock Secured’s Depository is your best option. We earn your trust from the minute you arrive at our website to check out the inventory we carry. Right from the start, you’re able to gauge our level of professionalism by the appearance of our homepage alone.

We believe that communication is essential from the moment we’re introduced to you.

We are transparent in our practices and use vivid language to communicate our ideas and services to you. When learning about our Depository, you’ll find that it is backed and insured by Lloyd’s of London. The state-of-the-art facility is 100% secure which gives you peace of mind that you’re protected day and night.

Your property is identified as yours but not considered something that can be seized in bank bankruptcy proceedings.

Each piece of precious metal that belongs to you is clearly identified as your property. Your gold, silver, and platinum are not included on the bank’s balance sheet, either, as a way of protecting you. If the bank were to declare bankruptcy, your investments would not be seized as a form of repayment.

Work with Red Rock Secured to Create a Brighter Future for Yourself and Your Family

See for yourself how incredible our Depository storage options are better than . Working with Red Rock Secured to make the right retirement investments and keep them safe until you’re ready to use them is essential. Living the life that you always hoped you’d live after leaving the workforce is possible.

We’re here to help you every step of the way! Let us know what questions you have about our Depository storage option today. As always, your satisfaction with our products and services is our number one priority.


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Do you anticipate spending your savings and investments on these things?

Preparing for retirement without concrete goals makes saving and investing money difficult. After all, how you plan to live out your Golden Years may differ dramatically from your peers. If you’re looking to do more than merely live off the money that you’ve saved for retirement, you’ll want to think about what it is that you do want to invest your time and finances in.

What Will You Spend Your Money On?

Taking a closer look at how the average retiree spends their time away from the workforce will give you a better idea of what your own hopes and dreams are for the future. It provides guidance that allows you to be a smarter and better investor, too, as you don’t just want to stay at home all day when you finally have the opportunity to do something more with your life. Having a clear picture of your own retirement goals and sharing them with your financial investor allows you to make the most of the years you do have left to save and invest before leaving your job for good.

Five Ways Retirees Use the Money They’ve Saved and Invested

Here are the top five things retirees spend their money on besides living expenses:

  • Vacations. Among the greatest expense people have when they retire is traveling. Retirees make up for lost time by going on back-to-back adventures either by plane, cruise ship or RV. Many justify the cost of buying a recreational vehicle because their homes are paid off. They feel like they want to see the world as much as possible while they have the time and money to.
  • Automobiles. Some seniors invest in vehicles that they once owned in the past or would have liked to have owned at some point during their lives. The upkeep on automobiles is where a lot of money goes. For the classic car enthusiast, no price is too big for a vehicle they really want to add to their collection.
  • Charitable Giving. Donations are something that many people spend their money on. They provide sizeable sums of cash to the charities that mean most to them. Now that many seniors have the time, they work closely with the group or organization that best resonates with them. They also make sure that they fund further efforts by making sure money is readily available to the charity in need.
  • Their Kids and Grandkids. Family is important to a lot of retirees. They want to make sure that their children and grandchildren are taken care of. Some of the money that they saved and invested are used to see their families or to help them out with living costs or college. The retirees want to play a big role on their family’s health and happiness.

Make the most out of the time you have remaining to save and invest. Red Rock Secured gives your portfolio more diversity through its gold, silver, and platinum buying services. If you want liquid assets that retain their value better than other types of investments, look into turning your retirement funds into a Gold IRA. You’ll find more information about the process on our website.


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Invest in gold, silver, and platinum with greater confidence.

A Thrift Savings Plan or TSP is designed for Federal employees as well as members of the uniformed services. It’s a retirement savings and investment plan as defined by the US Government. It was started in 1986 with the intention of helping people save and invest as much money as possible for retirement. It’s similar to what a private corporation would offer its employee in the form of a 401K. How much you accumulate in retirement income depends on the amount of contributions made while you worked as well as any agency contributions if eligible.

Understanding how precious metals relate to your retirement allows you to diversify your portfolio, secure your financial future, and fund a lifestyle that you love long after you’ve left the workforce. It’s important for you to save and earn as much as you can off of your investments so that you’re able to overcome any challenges that might take place after you retire. You’ll be happier overall and better capable of weathering storms as they come up when you have a wealth of money you can tap into at any time.

The Role Precious Metals Play in a TSP

Converting your retirement savings into a Gold IRA with us is easy. There are no penalties or fees for doing so, either. You can take what you’ve saved and turn it into tangible coins or bullion which you can see, hold, and touch. It continues to increase in value until you decide to cash it in and pay taxes on it. By the time you’re ready to do that, you can have a significant sum of money earned off your initial investment.

Our TSP Owner’s Guide to Gold is free to download and full of valuable information concerning precious metals. If you’re considering turning your TSP into an IRS-approved Gold IRA, you’ll find this resource incredibly useful. It contains the information needed to make an informed decision about your retirement funds.

We offer price matching on precious metals so you’re able to buy them at the best rates and free shipping with our Home Delivery option. Turning your TSP into gold has never looked more appealing. We even have our own Depository which is insured and protected from loss by Lloyd’s of London. You can keep your Gold IRA there until you’re ready to cash it in.

Gain Greater Understanding of Your Retirement Investments with Red Rock Secured

Convert your Thrift Savings Plan into a Gold IRA from Red Rock Secured today. We invite you to ask questions and get to know more about the services we provide by reading the four free downloadable guides provided on our website. You’ll gain valuable insight about our company and the different types of precious metals that we offer. You’ll learn quickly about the value of a Gold IRA and how advantageous home delivery of your gold, silver, and platinum is. Contact us for more information or to answer any questions you might have about a TSP and how it relates to precious metals.


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Why investing in precious metals now is a great idea.

Have you heard the news? Gold and silver are steadily increasing in value. In fact, massive gains are projected for the next two to five years!

If you were considering adding precious metals to your investment portfolio or thinking about putting your retirement funds into a Gold IRA, now is the time to do so. You won’t be penalized or charged a fee. Best of all, your gold and silver investments will continue to accrue interest the entire time that you own them.

You’re not taxed on the investment until you request a taxable disbursement. That means that during the two-to-five-year period of growth, you profit handsomely. While other types of investments are paying out small sums, gold and silver is steadily making you significant sums of money.

The Best Defense Against Inflation

Inflation takes its toll on the US dollar by making it purchase significantly less year after year. Despite saving and investing, few things prepare you for the fluctuating cost of living. What used to pay for a comfortable lifestyle in the past barely addresses what it takes to live today.

Housing is more expensive. College educations cost more each year. Even the food that you consume, the gas that fuels your vehicle, and the utilities that you use monthly cost more than ever before. Now, imagine what the dollar will be worth in five, ten or even twenty years.

Will you be able to survive on the money you’ve invested? If you diversify your portfolio enough, you could. Which investments will yield you the greatest returns, though?

Considering your options and which choices maintain their value the most, precious metals come to mind due to their scarcity. Unlike print-on-demand paper currency, gold and silver are harder to come by. When you have coins and bouillon on hand, you’ve got a source of quick cash fast.

Add Gold and Silver to Your Retirement Portfolio

Gold and silver are poised for massive gains in the next two to five years. Take advantage of the profits they will bring by diversifying your retirement portfolio with the inclusion of precious metals. With Red Rock Secured, you’ve got a wealth of options that support your financial health and well-being as you prepare to retire.

Armed with as much money as you possibly can to pay for a comfortable lifestyle while you age, you can enter retirement feeling well-prepared and optimistic about the future. Take advantage of the opportunities that await you in the upcoming few years. Invest wisely today and do more of the things that you set out to do as a retiree.

Review our resource center for more information and to download our four free guides. Valuable tools that help you finalize your decision about investing in gold, silver, and platinum, the PDFs can be read and reviewed at your earliest convenience. Sharing what you’ve discovered about precious metals with your financial advisor helps them better picture your vision for the future.


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The current state of the country is enough to persuade you to do something different by investing in gold and silver.

There are many factors for investors to consider when attempting to grow their retirement savings. Making the right financial decisions determines how well you’ll live once you leave the workforce. If you don’t want to put your financial future in someone else’s hands entirely, it’s time to invest in gold and silver. They aren’t difficult to store or account for these days, which makes them the perfect choice for someone who doesn’t want politics and government shutdowns to negatively affect your profits.

Having greater control, more diversity, and sustained profitability are likely your investment goals. Working with your financial advisor on a regular basis helps you make the right decisions concerning your finances so that you’re able to live a good life after retiring. Knowing when, where, and how to invest your hard-earned money is important as it dictates what you can and cannot afford in the future.

Plunging Stock Market Prices

The Stock Market has nosedived for a while now. A recession-like climate looms over the country at different times forcing investors and retirees to get very serious about the money they have saved. Things such as politics and government shutdowns affect Wall Street and the money you have invested in stocks.

Gold’s Prices are Steadily Increasing

Gold, however, has been picking up momentum since mid-June which is one of the main reasons why more and more people are considering padding their portfolios with precious metals. When other investments have lost most of their value investing in gold and silver will still be worth a lot.

With Red Rock Secured, you possess tangible goods that you’re able to monitor. Whether you choose to store them elsewhere or in our depository, one thing is certain – You can access, retrieve, and even sell your precious metals whenever you want.

A Gold IRA is among the safest diversification options available for you. Unlike other forms of investments, investing in gold and silver is nearly impossible to counterfeit. There are many measures that are taken to weigh, certify, and test gold to ensure its purity.

Liquidity is also of importance because it allows you to get quick cash if your needs require it. Gold and other precious metals such as silver and platinum make it easy for you to recoup some of the costs of living that you’re forced to pay out. With investing in gold and silver, you can hold onto them until they have appreciated in value so you’re able to maximize your profits and have more money to work with as a retiree.

Home Delivery and Depository Storage Options Await You

Keep gold, silver, and platinum at the forefront of your mind. Precious metals are the safest bet in a volatile economy. Instead of losing money with stocks, why not profit with a Gold IRA? Red Rock Secured offers Home Delivery and Depository Storage options to meet your needs. Learn more about them by requesting more information from us today.


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If you’re seriously considering diversifying your portfolio so you can live out your retirement years in peace, gold is an option that delivers wealth. Not only is it a Best Way TO Invest In Gold IRA, it’s something you can easily hold onto during turbulent times because it regularly maintains its value. Transferring your retirement fund into gold, silver or platinum is a process, but one that gives you peace of mind and greater financial security.

Here are five things that make gold a great retirement investment:

  1. It’s liquid. There isn’t a lot of hard work involved with transferring your retirement savings into gold. Best of all, you’re able to sell the coins or bullion whenever you want. Taking advantage of great prices means you’ll profit from it handsomely because of your wise investment choice.
  2. Buying it comes with no fees or penalties. A self-directed Gold IRA allows you to avoid paying extra money to diversify your portfolio. You can refrain from being taxed or penalized for rolling over all or part of your IRA, 401K or employer 410K. That way, you can put up more of your hard-earned cash now and be taxed when you’ve amassed a significant amount of savings.
  3. Gold has steadily kept its foothold in the marketplace since last summer. While the stock market has suffered, gold hasn’t. Politics aren’t affecting precious metal prices as much as they’re taking a toll on Wall Street. Gold is among the more secure options offered especially when the economy is in trouble.
  4. It can be purchased using taxed dollars, too. You can also buy gold with the money you have left over once your check has been cashed. The pre-taxed dollars ensure that you won’t pay more at a later date when you sell your investments. You’ll have additional money to live off of which provides peace of mind and greater security.
  5. It’s one of several precious metals that are for sale by Red Rock Secured. In addition to gold, you have the option to buy silver and platinum. Providing you with answers to your savings needs is what we do as a company. You can look through our website to see which options exist that match your retirement goals. That way, you’re confident in your investments, our company, and storage solutions.

As noted above, gold offers financial security. It’s a logical and effective way to diversify your retirement portfolio. Investing in precious metals gives you more power over your savings, too, by allowing you to choose the Best way to Invest In Gold IRA and where you want to keep your gold, silver or platinum stored.

Make Red Rock Secured Your Number One Choice for Best way to Invest in Gold IRA

Gold is highly valued and continues to climb in today’s marketplace. Among the biggest advantage of owning precious metals is being able to the sell them whenever you need to with very little effort. Owning gold gives you greater flexibility in times of uncertainty. You don’t need to wait for the economy to sink in order to profit from your retirement investments thanks to a Gold IRA from Red Rock Secured.


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Learn how easy it is to roll over your IRA or 401k into physical gold
and silver. Request your FREE Gold IRA Guide to get started.

Inside Your Free Guide Learn:

  1. Why gold and silver are poised for
    massive gains in the next 2-5 years
  2. How gold and silver can protect you
    from a falling dollar, diversify your
    portfolio, and hedge against inflation
  3. The exact IRS rule that allows you to use Gold or Silver in your IRA’s, 401k’s & TSP’s

Gold Bullion

Gold bullion is available in many forms including: coins, bars and rounds. Gold bullion has maintained a strong purchasing power for thousands of years  and can greatly benefit your portfolio, Buying Gold bars and coins is  one of the most cost-effective and secure ways to own physical Gold.

Private Investment Gold

Contains all the same values of Gold Bullion with the added advantage of not being minted anymore. Also, Supply and demand is a much higher factor on these coins and the appreciation has a chance of being much higher as a result.

IRA Eligible

A Gold IRA is an Individual Retirement Account that allows investors to hold hard, physical assets in their retirement portfolios. … These IRAs are called “self-directed” or “alternative-asset”.

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