Robert Kiyosaki is once again waving a warning flag with his gloomy economic predictions. The “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author is warning investors to get out of paper assets, saying that the economy is the “biggest bubble in world history.” He recently tweeted, “…I would get out of paper assets. The world economy is not a ‘Market.’ I believe the economy is the biggest bubble in world history. God have mercy on us all.” In other news, as more central banks work toward a digital currency, experts are warning that they could be a danger to your economic freedom.

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‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Says Economy Is Biggest Bubble In World History: ‘God Have Mercy On Us All’

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki has made some gloomy predictions in the past about the economy and the condition of the market.

Now, in a new tweet, Kiyosaki said the “economy is the biggest bubble in world history.” He also mentioned that he does not invest in equities, bonds, ETS, or mutual funds.

Kiyosaki’s comments come as economists predict the U.S. is on the precipice of a recession in 2023. Bank of America recently released its global economic outlook for the coming year and anticipated recessions in the U.S., Europe, and the U.K. in the coming year.

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Here is How Economic Dystopia Will Come to America

Central banks across the globe have been itching to transition towards a central bank digital currency.

It’s the holy grail the globalist ruling class has been pursuing in the last two decades. These are folks who want to micromanage all private economic activity across the globe.

One of the best ways to achieve this technocratic vision is by establishing CBDCs.

Those who are still stuck on blue pill politics, will think that such a development is innocuous. After all, who doesn’t like technological innovation that makes things more efficient?

However, we must remember that technology is a value-neutral mechanism. It can be used for good or evil.

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Kitco News/Michael McCrae
Pivoting from inflation fears to recession fears

Worries about inflation appear to be supplanted by fears about a recession, noted mining audiences manager Michael McCrae.

On Friday McCrae recorded Kitco Roundtable with correspondent Paul Harris.

The Federal Reserve started raising interest rates in the summer to fight inflation. There are signs the medicine is taking hold. Consumer price inflation figure was lower than expected last month. Commodity prices have also been dropping, notably oil. Early this week oil hit its lowest level since January.

With worries about inflation receding, McCrae noted that financial commentators are now switching their concern to recession due to the Fed’s rapid interest rate hikes.

Listen to the full interview, here.

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