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We are not surprised to learn the people don’t know enough about gold.

And they know it.

But that’s what we’re here for.

A new survey by the World Gold Council (WGC) has discovered that more and more people want to own gold but feel they don’t know enough about it.

We are not surprised that more people are interested in owning gold, especially in these uncertain times.  They want to protect their retirements.  They want to protect their families and their wealth.

The WGC is an international trade association that publishes research findings about gold.  For a research report on consumer attitudes, it surveyed more than 4,000 people in the US and Canada.  It found that in the US gold ranks among the top 5 most commonly owned investments.

But many people who should protect themselves with gold have not yet done so.  The report says that four out of ten people would consider investing in gold.  But potential investors, they discovered, often feel “that they don’t know enough about buying gold.”

“Investors who would consider buying gold but have not yet done so – we name this group ‘considerers’ – want to know about product types, how they can buy gold, where it fits within their portfolios and how gold is valued.”

We have answers for those questions.

We, too, have discovered that more and more people are developing an interest in gold.  They are watching the news and know that things are unsettled, changing.  They are people who are hungry for information.  We do our best to feed them.  Telling people about gold, how to invest in it safely, and its superior performance is part of our job.  We like to do it.  We enjoy talking about these things and answering questions for our friends and clients.

As we have discussed in these commentaries, we are entering uncharted waters with unpayable government debt, the Fed printing money by the trillions, and the world beginning to de-dollarize, as central banks reduce their dollar holdings and increasingly turn to gold.

But according to the report, “7 in 10 of those investors who have never bought gold but are now open to it said they lacked the necessary know-how.”

We think it will be a tragedy if people who feel they should invest in gold fail to do so during a period of devaluation and before a major crisis simply because they feel they don’t know enough.  Speak with us.  We’re here to take the mystery out of gold and silver investing.

If you have friends, associates, and family members who would like to know more about gold, here are links to some of our recent commentaries about the factors that drive gold prices higher.

Money Printing

The Federal Reserve has printed more that $3 trillion just this year, money it just created out of thin air.  We have written recently about money printing in an easy-to-understand way in this post, What Would You Do?

Government Spending and Debt

The US government is the biggest debtor in the world.  This year it set records in both spending and debt.  Last summer we wrote Circling the Drain! to help make sense of it all.

Ready for the Dollar Crash?

A leading bank economist, now at Yale, warns that the dollar is poised to fall by as much as 35 percent in the new year.  We wrote about it recently, advising to Invest in Gold and Silver Now and Beat the Rush!

Finally, let us urge to you and your friends and colleagues to contact us with your questions.  One step you can take to protect everything you have worked so hard for from money-printing, unpayable government debt, and a dollar stretched to the breaking point is opening a Gold IRA.

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