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Today’s headlines are enough to have any investor scrambling to protect their investments. Between government shutdowns and political unrest, the economy is volatile. Your retirement savings is what hangs in the balance during times of uncertainty where anger, fear, and disagreements affect the stock market and profitability. If you don’t like other people deciding how you should live after you’ve retired and what your current money is worth, it’s time to start thinking about better ways to diversify your portfolio with precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.

What Makes Gold IRAs Ideal

Red Rock Secured offers peace of mind in times of worry. Our Gold IRAs are among the most popular services we offer for good reason. Gone are the days where keeping tangible goods on hand was cumbersome and hard to account for. With precious metals, you know precisely where your money has gone, how it’s being stored and what it’s worth.

You can hold it in your hands, add it up and sell it whenever you feel like it. You have the option of using pre-tax and post-tax dollars to invest in precious metals, too, giving you greater financial freedom and stability during times of hardship. Looking through our online catalog of gold, silver, and platinum helps familiarize you with the types of precious metals that we carry so you can make the type of investment in your future that makes sense.

Information is Power According to Sven Henrich

MarketWatch’s Sven Henrich notes that despite Wall Street projecting higher target prices at year-end, it’s important to “Pay close attention and stay fully informed. There are a lot of complex, moving technical pieces and macro pieces driving markets and the global economy that makes for a foggy outlook for the year ahead.” Wild price swings are a good possibility and that could leave investors in the stock market at a loss.

Trade wars while left unresolved contribute to a global recession. At the time that this happens, production slows while revenues and earnings decrease. Heinrich fears that the “scariest unknown monster of all” is the down turning of central banks who have less money to work with than in the past, and no real normalized policy to enforce.

One of the ways around all of the struggle is to take what you’ve saved and turn it into precious metals. Gold has continued to maintain its value in the marketplace, making it a safer option than stocks, which have seen decreases in profitability steadily over the past few months. Since mid-June, gold prices have stayed strong, proving its sustainability in an unpredictable economy.

Don’t Let a Crashing Stock Market Take Your Savings With It

The Stock Market has proven to be problematic already this year, whereas gold has steadily increased in value since mid-summer 2018. Why not consider investing in a Gold IRA? You can take advantage of penalty-free and tax-free savings. Learn more by requesting more information from us about our products and services so that you can also diversify your portfolio with gold, silver, and platinum.


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