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Red Rock Secured Customer Reviews

I worked with Brett, Brent and Alex, and I liked their personalities. They’re Christians, and they explained everything and were very thorough. They were constantly in contact with me too. If I called, they called me back. With any question I had, they thoroughly.

Crystal of San Antonio


I was gonna move some of my money into precious metals, and when I did some research, Red Rock’s name popped up. When I got in touch with them, they were very helpful and I trusted them. I was somewhat new to investment .

Jerry of Tacoma


I worked with Jeff and Scott from Red Rock. We were dealing with my retirement funds so it was a big deal, and they were just extremely helpful, very professional, very personable, and very patient in explaining everything.

Jennifer of Overland Park


I reached out to Red Rock nearly 3 weeks ago requesting information for how to invest in gold in my both my and wife’s old employee retirement account. I was told they specialize in home delivery options and Mr.

D. of Thousand Oaks


Red Rock Secured came highly recommended to me by my financial advisor, who understands the importance of diversification, particularly during turbulent times. The assistance I received was world class and exceeded my expectations.

Robert of Los Angeles


Red Rock Secured invested in precious metals, but I am disappointed because they put everything into silver. I thought they might make some in gold and some in silver.Then, the end of the year report of the place that’s taking care of the silver showed that I have lost half .

Carol of Orlando


When working with Red Rock Secured, I first worked with Cody **. He was outstanding and very patient in helping me understand the steps for converting an IRA. He assisted me with each step of the process and took time to explain why each step was needed .

Randy of Boulder


We worked Sean ** and found him to be extremely knowledgeable in understanding the precious metals market and pros and cons for different decisions. He’s definitely a good communicator and just from his conversation alone makes you feel like .

Duane of Aldie


Sean was a fantastic guide in ways to protect my future by setting up a precious metal IRA. Helped me figure a way to protect my assets from future fluctuations. I couldn’t believe how easy it was and how their guidance made it very simple.

Jimmy of Oklahoma City


After having been at my new job for almost a year, I began to worry about the growth of my 401(k). I looked for alternatives and was directed to Red Rock Secured by a workmate. After working with Frank **, I really feel as though I have set myself up for a stronger retirement .

Eric of San Jose


Every time I call Red Rock Secured I always get directed to an ACTUAL person. I don’t know about everyone else but I do get irritated being answered to an automated message and then pressing number after number until I can speak with an actual .

Yenifer of Los Angeles


I was looking for silver bullion to round out the collection, and I’ve known and trusted the founders of Red Rock Secured. They take into account everything in my whole portfolio and then help to fill it out rather than just tell me the regular deal on the block.

Jared of Longmont


My experience with Red Rock Secured has been fantastic! I’ve been able to exercise some financial options I wasn’t aware I had. In particular, Cody has been especially helpful. He was clear and concise, and easy to contact, which is good for me since I’m a busy.

Colin of Longmont


Awesome experience with Red Rock! This is a great company with employees who care. I have worked with Cody on several occasions in transferring my IRA to physical Gold and Silver. Cody explained each step and made sure I understood each.

Jean of Longmont


My husband and I like to buy gold and silver coins for investment that he keeps in our safety deposit. They’re something that I can hold on to myself. I heard that my friends who started a company when I was still little were starting a new company.

Rio of Denver


I wanted an investment option that’s secure and safe. I went to Red Rock and I told them what I was looking for and my budget, and they helped me walk through it. I ended up buying some silver. Their salespeople were very nice, very honest and they are a solid people.

R. of Ca.


Cody was so great to work with. He helped me with every step of the process. He was very patient and helped facilitate transferring my IRA into physical silver. My purchase was catered to my specific investment goals.

Nick of Minnetrista


When calling into any company you always hope for the best but somehow end up disappointed. NOT HERE! Top notch service. They treat you like a real person and are extremely helpful.I’m so happy with my experience with Red Rock Secured .

Schell of Tarzana


I was looking for somebody to roll my money over to, and in doing so, I found out about Red Rock. Instead of going with stock certificates, I went ahead with them and invested in precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.

Gregory of Tallahassee


There are simply not enough words to describe how satisfied I am with the service I received at Red Rock Secured. I was thinking about doing something like this for quite a while. I’ve seen too many dips in the economy over the years.

Nelson of Crestline


I called into Red Rock about a month and a half ago to see about putting precious metals in my IRA account. After a quick talk I was able to speak to a gentleman in the retirement department.

Thomas of Katy


I have some money in IRA with Fidelity and it was going down. Bret, the person from Red Rock Secured who I talked to, said that moving the money into precious metals could put a stop to that. And so, that’s how we got started talking.

Margaret of Denver


I spoke with Red Rock Secured’s reps and determined that they would manage my IRA. After the conversation, they said that should I invest with them, they would give me $400 in silver. As a result, I transferred $20,000 to them.

Alton of St. Petersburg


I was working on my job and Red Rock Secured was one of the stocks that was offered from my 401k but gold wasn’t one of them. I got in contact with the side brokers and asked them why I couldn’t have gold as one of the stocks on my 401k with my job and they didn’t know.

Maurice of Kalamazoo


Jeff and Tony were a huge help in rolling over an old 401k to a gold and silver IRA. They are very knowledgeable and their process is top notch. It’s clear they have been doing this for a while. Thank you for all your help.

Tim of Kansas City


As a retired firefighter, I trust Red Rock Secured and highly recommend them. I did my homework and due diligence for a very long time before deciding to go with Red Rock in making my investment in gold and silver.

Alen of Norman


Thank you to Red Rock Secured for all the help and guidance they provided in working with me to build a gold and silver IRA. I had always wanted to do this, but never received the information we needed to take the first step.

Mark of Mount Vernon


Red Rock Secured is a solid and sound company, from my very first interaction to their helping me with my investment. I worked with their IRA Department specifically, since I had an old 401k I wanted to use for gold and silver.

Stephen of Oklahoma City


I had heard about Red Rock Secured a while ago. I wasn’t ready at the time to speak with them. Then it hit me that I would be retiring sooner than I had thought, and not being diversified really concerned me, especially after I had lost quite a bit in the stock market in 2008.

Kent of El Segundo


After getting hit really hard in 2008, I needed to do something different to protect my retirement. I had heard about investing in gold and silver, but never really understood how it would work. I started asking around about who to contact for more information.

Adam of Oklahoma City

I heard about Red Rock Secured from my financial advisor, who has referred many clients to the company over the past 10+ years. After several conversations, I felt very comfortable to move forward with an investment.

Tony of Austin


Red Rock helped me in setting up a gold and silver retirement account. The process was very easy. I’m thankful that Red Rock is a full-service company, providing help with every part of setting up an account and getting the account funded.

Harry of Lake City


I searched for a while to find a company that I felt comfortable with making this type of investment. Since I tend to procrastinate in making decisions like this, I appreciate how patient and accommodating Red Rock was in following up with me to see if I needed.

Philip of Mustang


So grateful to have found Red Rock Secured. Red Rock helped me in converting one of my IRAs into a gold and silver retirement account. The company is excellent. The company’s assistance is commendable.

Neil of El Segundo


Red Rock Secured provided my wife and me exceptional service from start to finish. Everything was handled with the utmost professionalism. As a retired surgeon, I have a strong tendency to focus on details.

Luke of El Segundo


Tony was great to deal with. They provided me with all the information I needed to make an informed and calculated decision. Thank you for educating me on the industry and investment opportunities associated with gold and silver.

Kelly of Nixa


I enjoyed working with Red Rock Secured. The group that helped develop my account was professional and transparent. It was important for my wife to be involved with the process. Barry took the time to mail us an educational brochure, and he would often stay in communication via email.

Peter of Duncanville


Great company and Jeff was amazing to deal with. I did a ton of online research about investing in gold and silver versus the stock market and I talked to numerous companies but Red Rock and Jeff walked me through the pros and cons.

Denver of Branson


I had been considering making gold and silver a part of my investment strategy for years, but hadn’t felt comfortable with the companies I had talked to. I am glad that I found Tony with Red Rock. He took the time to make me feel comfortable which was no small accomplishment.

Brent of Branson


I did a precious metal IRA with Red Rock Secured but I don’t 100% feel happy or feel secure in my decision of going with them because I have to deal with STRATA and they’ve been really problematic. When I did my taxes, I called and talked to Jeff at Red Rock and Jeff has always been very nice, but at the end of the day, I don’t deal with Red Rock, I have to deal with STRATA.



I was looking to buy some precious metals, and Red Rock Secured seemed like they knew what they were doing. They also had the right product that’s under an IRA, which I didn’t know you could split up, so that was perfect. I was very comfortable interacting with the reps because they were offering the product that I was looking for.

Donald of Kalispell


I’ve invested precious metals with Red Rock Secured. Their representatives were great. It was very comfortable working with them. There were three different guys I was interacting with there and they were all very informative and very easy to work with. They explained everything and how it works. I am impressed with their industry knowledge.

David of Troy


My wife inherited some money, and she inherited an IRA. We had this idea that it could be good to put the stuff into gold and silver. I contacted two places, including Red Rock, and I liked what Red Rock had to say.

D. of Pa, PA


I invested in precious metals and the Red Rock reps seemed to handle everything. They were very good. The product is in an IRA holdings now for my retirement.

Louis of Columbia


My investor trusts Red Rock Secured and thus I automatically did so as well. I went with them and their reps informed me of the scope of what they offer. Their reps were very patient.

Doug of Phoenix


I was trying to get my little assets that I have into something that would be beneficial to me instead of the people who were holding them. Red Rock Secured called and interviewed me. They provided the precious metals investments option and they have the assurance that I wouldn’t lose anything.

Ronnie of Birmingham


Top notch company. I searched high and low for awhile before finding Red Rock. The team I worked with was very helpful and straightforward, answering all questions I could think of – even giving me a few things to consider that I hadn’t thought about before. Thanks for all the great help.

Mike of Birmingham


Red Rock, Jeff and Tony and Vince specifically, were great every step of the way. I was nervous about making this investment, but they were very patient and moved at my pace. I also appreciate how straightforward they were with me.

George of Los Angeles


I worked with Jeff and Scott from Red Rock. We were dealing with my retirement funds so it was a big deal, and they were just extremely helpful, very professional, very personable, and very patient in explaining everything.

Jennifer of Overland Park


My brother-in-law recommended Red Rock to me. I am so happy he did, and that I was able to work with Jeff and Barry on transferring my IRA to gold and silver. Thanks to everyone else at the company who helped me.

Mark of Brackenridge


I found Red Rock while doing my research and comparing the reviews and client feedback online. Their reviews are exceptional, and I understand why they’re so strong after working with them in creating a precious metals account.

Kathy of Boulder


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