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Red Rock Secured Customer Reviews

My brother-in-law recommended Red Rock to me. I am so happy he did, and that I was able to work with Jeff and Barry on transferring my IRA to gold and silver. Thanks to everyone else at the company who helped me.

Jane S.


I’d invested in gold and silver in the past, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to do something more substantial to protect my portfolio. Red Rock walked me through the process in investing with one of my IRAs.

Mark R.


Red Rock helped me with protecting my IRA with gold and silver. Great experience every step of the way, and the process was so easy. Only wish I had done it sooner.

jennifer s.


I found Red Rock while doing my research and comparing the reviews and client feedback online. Their reviews are exceptional, and I understand why they’re so strong after working with them in creating a precious metals account.

Kathy W.


My pastor connected me to Red Rock, since a number of people at our church have worked with them in the past. Great experience and very trustworthy company. Highly recommend.

George T.


Thank you to Red Rock Secured for all the help and guidance they provided in working with me to build a gold and silver IRA. I had always wanted to do this, but never received the information we needed to take the first step. Speaking with Red Rock was very easy.

Serena B.


What a relief. I’ve been thinking about making this investment for a long time. Glad I found Red Rock. Don’t hesitate to work with them if you’re considering it. You’ll be very happy you did.

robert g.


As a retired firefighter, I trust Red Rock Secured and highly recommend them. I did my homework and due diligence for a very long time before deciding to go with Red Rock in making my investment in gold and silver.

Alen C


Thank you to Red Rock Secured for all the help and guidance they provided in working with me to build a gold and silver IRA. I had always wanted to do this, but never received the information we needed to take the first step. Speaking with Red Rock was very easy.

Victor H.


Red Rock Secured is a solid and sound company, from my very first interaction to their helping me with my investment. I worked with their IRA Department specifically, since I had an old 401k I wanted to use for gold and silver. The process was very simple.

Stephen G.


I had heard about Red Rock Secured a while ago. I wasn’t ready at the time to speak with them. Then it hit me that I would be retiring sooner than I had thought, and not being diversified really concerned me, especially after.

Kent S.


After getting hit really hard in 2008, I needed to do something different to protect my retirement. I had heard about investing in gold and silver, but never really understood how it would work. I started asking around about who to contact for more information.

Adam R.


I was very satisfied with my experience. All of my options were clearly explained to me in detail. I was fortunate to deal with Jack, who was knowledgeable and professional. Give him a call to discuss your options (424) 644-2295.

Kristen M.


I heard about Red Rock Secured from my financial advisor, who has referred many clients to the company over the past 10+ years. After several conversations, I felt very comfortable to move forward with an investment.

Tony M.


Red Rock Secured helped me in setting up a gold and silver retirement account. The process was very easy. I’m thankful that Red Rock is a full-service company, providing help with every part of setting up an account and getting the account funded.

Harry B.


I searched for a while to find a company that I felt comfortable with making this type of investment. Since I tend to procrastinate in making decisions like this, I appreciate how patient and accommodating Red Rock was in following up with me to see .

Philip S.


So grateful to have found Red Rock Secured. I worked with Red Rock in converting one of my IRAs into a gold and silver retirement account. The company is excellent.

Mark T.


Red Rock Secured provided me exceptional service from start to finish. Everything was handled with the utmost professionalism. As a retired surgeon, I have a strong tendency to focus on details.I was pleasantly surprised that Red Rock Secured uses the same .

Phil A.


I have been looking at getting into the gold and silver business for a few years now, but I lack in knowledge and confidence of the business…..this company has gone above and beyond to work with me, help educate me, and have been very patient…thank you .

Edward D.


I have always been worried about my financial security in retirement but not anymore, I am all grateful to Red Rock Secured. They got me prepared to face the rough economy affecting everyone today. They are made up of a great team of individuals .

Naresh G.


There are simply not enough words to describe how satisfied I am with the service I received at Red Rock Secured. I was thinking about doing something like this for quite awhile. I’ve seen too many dips in the economy over the years.

Nelson S.


I enjoyed working with Red Rock Secured. The group that helped develop my account was professional and transparent. It was important for my wife to be involved. Barry took the time to mail us an educational brochure and he would often stay in communication via email.

Peter W.


I must admit I was a bit skeptical “before” speaking with Jeff. I found him to be informative, trustworthy and he applied no harsh sales tatics! Great overall experience and would reccommend him and Red Rock to others.

scot p.


Great company and Jeff was amazing to deal with. I did a ton of online research about investing in gold and silver versus the stock market and I talked to numerous companies but Red Rock and Jeff walked me through the pros and cons and answered.

Denver W.


I had been considering making gold and silver a part of my investment strategy for years, but hadn’t felt comfortable with the companies I had talked to. I am glad that I found Tony with Red Rock.He took the time to make me feel comfortable which was no small.

Brent H.


As someone who has only had small investments in stocks, Red Rock was very helpful in explaining the differences between the markets of metals and stocks. Red Rock took me through the benefits of why diversifying your investments could minimize losses.

Aaron E.


As a retired police officer, I’m used to being suspicious about everything that sounds too good to be true, especially when it comes to something that I know nothing about. Investing in gold and silver was something I had no clue about, even though .

Chris S.


I was very curious into protecting my TSP. I requested a guide from Red Rock on how I can achieve this with Gold and Silver. They called me to verify where to send the guide and explained to me how I can purchase precious metals inside my TSP.

John G.


I called into Red Rock about a month and a half ago to see about putting precous metals in my IRA account. After a quick talk I was able to speak to a gentleman in the retirement deparmtment. He was very helpful and sounded like he knew what he was talking about .

Thomas W.


Thank you to Red Rock for helping me with my gold and silver investment. The service was fantastic, and their pricing is very competitive. Will definitely recommend this company to friends and family.

Randy J.


Red Rock was unbelievably helpful to me when i wanted to understand how protecting my retirement account with gold and silver works. I decided upon their consultation that it made sense for my objective of just wanting to save what I have.

Alyce G.


I was very impressed with the Account Executives knowledge and service at Red Rock Secured. I had previously worked with Cody in transferring my $100k IRA into physical gold and silver. The entire staff at Red Rock Secured went above .

Jean H.


Jeff and Tony were a huge help in rolling over an old 401k to a gold and silver IRA. They are very knowledgeable and their process is top notch. It’s clear they have been doing this for a while. Thank you for all your help.

Tim W.


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