There once was a time when a dollar meant something.

Think of how much you spent on your first car. Your college education. Even your first house.

You worked. You spent within your means. And you saved. You didn’t have to rely on stimulus checks and economic recovery packages.

The nation’s work ethic has gone from working hard, to hardly working, and as the money supply grows, a dollar tomorrow is worth less than a dollar today. Official inflation rates in the United States in the summer of 2021 are around 3%. But those of us who live in the real world know that this figure is, well, less than accurate.

Inflation has a way of eating away at your wealth. If you have cash sitting in a bank account, it is slowly losing value every day, every week, every month. This isn’t just a highbrow economic theory or some abstract academic argument. It’s very real for retirees living on fixed incomes.

Is there something you can do to protect yourself? Yes! You can invest your hard-earned money in gold and silver. Both metals tend to go up in value as inflation increases.

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Historically, the faster inflation happens, the faster the prices of gold and silver rise.

Doubtful? Let’s take a look:

Help protect your savings and future retirement today by investing in precious metals.

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