When figuring out where the price of gold is going, former CEO of ADVFN and General Partner of Ylem Capital, Clem Chambers, says you don’t need to look further than this chart. In other news, FedEx CEO Raj Subramaniam is warning that the economy is heading for a worldwide recession.

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Gold Price Mystery Solved: The Gold Chart You Need To See

When you first learned about investing one of the things you learned was that gold goes up when inflation goes up because gold is immutable money and if paper money falls gold rises in the debased paper money.

It is investment 101.

The trouble is, inflation has been flat in the past and gold has gone up a lot, but now inflation is alight, gold is going nowhere except down.

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FedEx CEO says he expects the economy to enter a ‘worldwide recession’

FedEx CEO Raj Subramaniam told CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Thursday that he believes a recession is impending for the global economy.

“I think so. But you know, these numbers, they don’t portend very well,” Subramaniam said in response to Cramer’s question of whether the economy is “going into a worldwide recession.”

The CEO’s pessimism came after FedEx missed estimates on revenue and earnings in its first quarter. The company also withdrew its full year guidance.

Shares of FedEx fell 15% in extended trading on Thursday.

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The White House calls for more regulations as cryptocurrencies grow more popular

President Biden’s administration is pushing for more regulations on digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, and it’s advocating for tougher oversight at a time when the popularity of virtual money continues to grow.

In a series of new reports released Friday that lay out recommendations, the White House pointed to the volatility of virtual currencies and a recent slump that has led to trouble across the crypto landscape.

“Digital assets pose meaningful risks for consumers, investors, and businesses,” the Biden administration said, noting there are “frequent instances of operational failures, market manipulation, frauds, thefts, and scams.”

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