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A Thrift Savings Plan or TSP is designed for Federal employees as well as members of the uniformed services. It’s a retirement savings and investment plan as defined by the US Government. It was started in 1986 with the intention of helping people save and invest as much money as possible for retirement. It’s similar to what a private corporation would offer its employee in the form of a 401K. How much you accumulate in retirement income depends on the amount of contributions made while you worked as well as any agency contributions if eligible.

Understanding how precious metals relate to your retirement allows you to diversify your portfolio, secure your financial future, and fund a lifestyle that you love long after you’ve left the workforce. It’s important for you to save and earn as much as you can off of your investments so that you’re able to overcome any challenges that might take place after you retire. You’ll be happier overall and better capable of weathering storms as they come up when you have a wealth of money you can tap into at any time.

The Role Precious Metals Play in a TSP

Converting your retirement savings into a Gold IRA with us is easy. There are no penalties or fees for doing so, either. You can take what you’ve saved and turn it into tangible coins or bullion which you can see, hold, and touch. It continues to increase in value until you decide to cash it in and pay taxes on it. By the time you’re ready to do that, you can have a significant sum of money earned off your initial investment.

Our TSP Owner’s Guide to Gold is free to download and full of valuable information concerning precious metals. If you’re considering turning your TSP into an IRS-approved Gold IRA, you’ll find this resource incredibly useful. It contains the information needed to make an informed decision about your retirement funds.

We offer price matching on precious metals so you’re able to buy them at the best rates and free shipping with our Home Delivery option. Turning your TSP into gold has never looked more appealing. We even have our own Depository which is insured and protected from loss by Lloyd’s of London. You can keep your Gold IRA there until you’re ready to cash it in.

Gain Greater Understanding of Your Retirement Investments with Red Rock Secured

Convert your Thrift Savings Plan into a Gold IRA from Red Rock Secured today. We invite you to ask questions and get to know more about the services we provide by reading the four free downloadable guides provided on our website. You’ll gain valuable insight about our company and the different types of precious metals that we offer. You’ll learn quickly about the value of a Gold IRA and how advantageous home delivery of your gold, silver, and platinum is. Contact us for more information or to answer any questions you might have about a TSP and how it relates to precious metals.


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