Many of Wall Streets’ top economists have released their predictions for the economy for 2022. Yahoo Finance reports most expect to see easing inflation alongside somewhat slow growth in gross domestic product (GDP). In other news, Ned Davis Research’s (NDR) Chief Global Investment Strategist Tim Hayes believes gold prices could trend higher next year. He told Kitco News, “The trend has been making higher lows in gold. And if inflation does really start to show up more globally and turns out to be stickier, that could really support a longer-term move up in gold…”


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What Wall Street economists expect for the US economy in 2022

U.S. economic activity resurged in 2021 after a year marked by lockdowns and stay-in-place orders, with the rebound fueled by a combination of monetary and fiscal stimulus, as well as firm consumer spending.

However, against this backdrop, the second half of this year especially has seen an economy grappling with supply-side constraints and rising price pressures. Lingering virus concerns have compounded with still-elevated demand to push up inflation.

But next year, these pressures will begin to ease, according to a number of top Wall Street economists. A number of pundits have already delivered their forecasts on what to expect in the U.S. economy next year — and most expect to see easing inflation alongside somewhat slow growth in gross domestic product (GDP).

Some of these forecasts were provided before the Omicron variant was discovered in late November, which stirred up volatility across global markets as investors assessed the extent to which another coronavirus wave might impact economic activity and corporate earnings. Still, the data on the variant’s health risk is still being collected and assessed.

Here’s what some major economists had to say about their expectations for the economy next year.

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Will it be gold or U.S. dollar at new record highs in 2022? ‘I’m bullish on gold,’ says NDR’s chief global investment strategist

Gold and the U.S. dollar are well known for their inverse correlation. But will 2022 be the year of gold or the U.S. dollar? Ned Davis Research’s (NDR) chief global investment strategist Tim Hayes weighs in.

With the Federal Reserve looking at a more aggressive tapering schedule next year and potentially two rate hikes, the U.S. dollar index has been holding up quite well at the 96 level, which has been weighing on gold.

But will the inflation narrative change the outlook for gold next year?

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Why billionaire Ray Dalio thinks another economic disaster is coming — and how he recommends preparing for it

“First, Ray Dalio foresaw the 2008 financial crisis. Then, he predicted years of long-term financial strain on the U.S. economy from the Covid pandemic.

Now, the 72-year-old billionaire investor who built Bridgewater Associates into the world’s largest hedge fund is warning of a new economic catastrophe on the horizon — and he wants you to be prepared.

“I think we’re at risk of a war with China,” Dalio told CNBC Make It during a live-streamed Q&A on Friday. “Largely due to misunderstandings.”

Dalio noted that his predictions aren’t facts: He’s been wrong before, too. But, he said, future catastrophes are inevitable, according to historical patterns over the last 500 years.

In other words, if an upcoming U.S.-China conflict doesn’t tank the economy, something else will. Here’s why he thinks disaster is on the horizon, and his top two tips on financially preparing for it:

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