Lawyer and author Jill Filipovic believes Americans who are refusing to get vaccinated and mask up are destroying our economy. She said their actions will likely continue to cause more economic devastation as the year goes on. In related news, Yahoo Finance has created a lot of the top indicators to watch for to see if our economy is actually improving.


CNN/Jill Filipovic
Let’s be clear on why the US economy is weakening

The American economy is weakening. And we know who is responsible.

On Monday, Goldman Sachs economists downgraded their projections for economic growth in 2021. (“The Delta variant is already weighing on Q3 growth,” wrote Goldman economist Ronnie Walker.)

August’s job growth was sluggish. The Delta variant continues to ravage the unvaccinated and sicken so many, with the country hitting the dark milestone of 40 million Covid cases. And about 1,500 Americans are dying every day — almost all of them not fully vaccinated.

The people who are refusing the vaccine and refusing to mask up aren’t just killing themselves and infecting their neighbors. They’re destroying the American economy.

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Yahoo Finance/Andrew Lisa
How To Tell If the US Economy Is Actually Improving

The U.S. economy is a $22.72 trillion juggernaut — the most complex economic beast in the history of the world. Nothing about it is simple, including the seemingly simple task of determining if the economy is improving or not in the wake of the pandemic.

But just a handful of key economic indicators can give economists and laypeople alike an idea of whether or not things are moving in the right direction.

These are the economic indicators to watch.

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Fox Business
COVID pandemic still ‘biggest’ factor impacting markets: Expert

UBS GWM Head of Americas Equities David Lefkowitz reacts to the Dow’s worst day since August 18.

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