A brighter future for you exists with precious metals.

The Thrift Savings Plan or TSP for Federal employees was created to give members of the United States armed forces and government workers the opportunity to experience a brighter future upon retirement. The tax-deferred savings and investment option is one that many people view as their ticket to the ideal lifestyle after leaving the workforce. If you have a TSP and want to further diversify your investment portfolio, precious metals are the right option for you.

Federal Retirement TSP : Why Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium Give You Greater Freedom

The US dollar doesn’t spend like it used to. As the cost of living continues to rise, you must make sound investments in anticipation of the future so you’re able to enjoy a comfortable retirement lifestyle. For every dollar that you earn working, you want it to go as far as it possibly can. Investing in bonds and digital currency comes with a great deal of risk.

If you want to stand a chance of coming out on top once you do retire, diversifying your portfolio with precious metals is the ideal solution. Here’s why. Gold is recognized as a currency worldwide. It’s a respected investment option by people in nearly every country.

Protect Yourself Against Inflation, Economic Upheaval, and Presidential Decisions

Unlike Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency, it’s accepted as a form of payment. People know the value of gold and other scarce precious metals. The currency isn’t printed on demand and sold for less of its value, either, like President Trump proposed to do with the US dollar recently.

Your household shouldn’t suffer because of choices made by governmental officials, heads of corporations or Wall Street. Buying precious metals with your savings is one of the wisest decisions you’ll make. Transferring your current IRA into a Gold IRA takes no time at all and won’t cost you extra in fees or penalties.

The taxes you pay on the profits you make from the sale of your precious metals post-retirement are many years in the future. You can enjoy watching the price of gold and silver increase as the future of other types of currencies falter. Red Rock Secured will set you up with Home Delivery or provide you with Depository Storage of your precious metal purchases.

Your financial future doesn’t need to be left to chance. You’ve got options for how you’ll take your TSP or Federal Retirement TSP and use it. Rather than rely on diversification methods that prove to be volatile, choose the better option by investing in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Choose the Retirement Lifestyle That You Find Ideal and Exciting

Protect your investments by diversifying your portfolio further with the addition of precious metals. You can take your current retirement savings and put them into a Gold IRA. Doing so gives you greater freedom over your finances and allows you to dictate the type of retirement experience you’ll have in the future. You can also use post-tax dollars to buy the gold, silver, platinum, and palladium that you want to add to your portfolio.

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A lot of the information you find online is completely inaccurate

At Red Rock Secured, we’re faced with a lot of questions from customers who want to make the wisest investment options they can before retirement. Lately, we’ve been answering a lot of inquiries about the Thrift Savings Plan or TSP. Rather than spend even more time fielding calls about the subject, we decided to answer your inquiries here so more people benefit from the information.

Getting to understand the fee structure for IRAs and TSPs allows you to determine which is right for you as a government employee or member of the United States uniformed services. You’ll be able to save yourself money in fees by having knowledge of how both retirement funds work.

This short guide helps you get to know IRAs and TSPs more intimately. When faced with a decision as to which way to invest your retirement savings, you’ll know exactly why it benefitted you to choose the way you did.

Which Investment Option Offers the Lowest Fees (TSP vs IRA)

So, do Individual Retirement Accounts or IRAs have lower fees than Thrift Savings Plans or TSPs? It’s a really good question to ask considering the investment option you make significantly impacts your financial future. Avoiding paying any more money than you absolutely should ensures that you’ll have more to work with once retirement takes place.

What You’ll Be Charged for as an Owner of an IRA or TSP

If you own an IRA, there is an assumption that you’ll pay more but that isn’t necessarily the case. You won’t necessarily need a financial advisor to oversee the account, either, if you choose to do-it-yourself. There is a lot of contradictory reports on the internet telling you differently.

A TSP has an expense of .033 percent. You won’t be charged anything extra, however, in yearly maintenance fees or costs involved with trading. IRAs are subject to whatever fee structure the financial institution devised for themselves. Inquiring with the bank of your choice to learn which charge nothing in terms of maintenance fees and have NTFs or ETFs available is ideal because it saves you from paying unnecessary amounts of money to the institution.

Keep More of Your Money for Yourself

Taking the time to learn what there is to know about IRA fees and Thrift Savings Plan fees allows you to keep more of your hard-earned money for yourself. You face fewer expenses when you’re well-informed and understand what each type of investment option offers you. You’re then able to invest the way you see fit and secure your ideal retirement lifestyle and financial future.

We Can Help You Plan a Brighter Retirement Lifestyle

Let Red Rock Secured be a part of the planning process with you. We’ve got a lot to offer in the way of resources, so be sure to take a look around our website. As always, if you can’t find the answer you need, feel free to reach out to us right away. We’re invested in your future just as much as you are. Let us help ease your concerns by providing you with the information that you seek about IRAs and the Thrift Savings Plan.

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