There’s never been a better time to buy precious metals for retirement.

Retirement-minded people have a lot of questions about investing. One, in particular, gets asked a lot. People want to know if it’s a good time to invest in gold (GLD). To avoid sounding cliché because of the nature of our business, we wanted to explain why it’s always a good time to buy precious metals as a source of funding for your retirement lifestyle.

What Makes Gold Worth Investing In?

The volatile economic climate we’re faced to deal with causes a lot of uncertainty for investors. You want to make decisions that impact your financial future in positive ways. You don’t want to lose all of the money you worked so hard to earn, save, and invest.

Gold prices have steadily risen despite the tough situations American investors have faced the past six months. Talks of trade wars caused certain stocks to plummet. Without panicking, are you prepared to move your traditional IRA into a Gold IRA?

Doing so gives you greater flexibility and security. After all, we have our own Depository insured by Lloyd’s of London to store the precious metals in. When you’re ready, you can withdraw your retirement savings and use the funds after taking care of your obligations with the IRS.

Why a Gold IRA?

Having a Gold IRA ensures that you wind up with more of the money you started out with. Stocks are only as good as the companies they’re part of. If a scandal breaks loose or bankruptcy occurs, you’re stuck with a considerable loss.
Putting all those nest eggs into one proverbial basket doesn’t make sense. Diversification is essential to growth. Gold, however, gives you a fighting chance of coming out on top.

Just look at the market today. GLD continues to see gains while other investment options have lost. People don’t run away from precious metals the way they do real estate properties and digital currency.

They know a good deal when they see it. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium aren’t metals you see every day like copper and nickel. Our metals are precious because they’re scarce in nature, making them worth more to investors instantly due to their rarity.

A Gold IRA takes the money out of a traditional IRA and transfers its value into the precious metals of your choice. There are no penalties or fees involved with the transaction and you don’t pay any capital gains tax until you withdraw the funds at a later date. If you’ve experienced losses with other investments, there is a good chance that they’ll cancel out what you owe on the precious metals you’ve profited from.

A Solid Investment Option Recognized Worldwide

Gold is the investment option of the future. For centuries, it has served as a form of viable currency recognized by people worldwide. As an investment option, it continues to rise in value, unlike stocks and bonds. It provides security against political and economic uprising and doesn’t plummet in value because of corporate scandal.

Take a look at our inventory and opt to have your purchases stored in our high-security Depository Storage. Your retirement funds are available whenever you request them. They’re also insured by Lloyd’s of London and not included on the bank’s depository balance sheet which protects you in the event of bank bankruptcy.

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TSP Investment Advice

To better understand the best way to invest in the Thrift Savings Plan or TSP is to first know what is TSP. Once you’ve covered that ground then you need TSP Investment Advice, it’s best to know what advantages it provides for investors like you. Having that knowledge makes it easier for you to decide whether or not the option is right for you and your plans for retirement.

What is the Thrift Savings Plan?

A Thrift Savings Plan or TSP is a retirement saving plan exclusively offered to private sector workers. It was introduced in the late 1980s by the adoption of the Federal Employee’s Retirement System Act for government workers and members of the military. A TSP may be automatically contributed to with each paycheck earned and in some cases, matched by the agency a person works for.

Do I need a TSP Investment Advice?

Typically not taxed until after retirement age, a TSP is similar in set-up as a 401K with the employer matching a certain amount of money saved by the employee. A Roth TSP gives people greater freedom to use their post-tax dollars to invest at the same time that they are making contributions to their normal TSP with pre-tax dollars.

Advantages of Having a TSP

The advantages that come with having a TSP are well-documented. To illustrate its value, we’ve listed a few below for reference purposes. You can then see for yourself why so many civil servants opt to invest their money this way.
A TSP allows you to enjoy employer-matched retirement contributions much like you would if you were working in the public sector. That means you’re able to amass a considerably large nest egg faster than you would if you, alone, were investing. There is typically a threshold that you must reach to ‘tap’ out of employer contributions which takes time if you’re only contributing small amounts to your TSP.

Six Funds to Invest in with a TSP or Roth TSP

Both a TSP and a Roth TSP offer six types of funds to invest in. Knowing which is right for you takes time and research. It’s worth knowing a little something about each.

They are Government Securities Investment (G) Fund, Fixed Income Index Investment (F) Fund, Common Stock Index Investment (C) Fund, Small Capitalization Stock Index Investment (S) Fund, International Stock Index Investment (I) Fund, and Certain Life Cycle (L) Funds. The final option includes a mixture of individual funds securities. Each has its advantages and disadvantages which you’ll learn more about by researching the funds.

Now, you have a better understanding of the options that await you as a civil service employee.

What Red Rock Secured Has to Offer You as TSP Investment Advice

Make the right investment choices for your financial future. With Red Rock Secured, you’ve got options. The precious metals that you invest your money into come in different forms as well as denominations. Choosing the right gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins to include in your collection helps you protect the money you worked so hard to save in the past. Working with a financial advisor helps you decide how to best invest your money including in the TSP of your choice.

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