Learning how to invest in gold will help make the most from your investments so you’re able to enjoy your ideal retirement.

The ultimate goal when saving and investing for retirement is to come out on top financially. After all, how else do you plan on bringing in money when you’re no longer working?

You want the money that you’ve invested to do its job of increasing in value but avoid paying penalties and taxes as much as humanly possible.

Learning how to invest in gold will help protect your investments from wild swings in the market while avoiding capital gains tax. If you’re planning on buying gold with your retirement funds, there are things you’ll want to know so you can avoid unnecessary taxation and enjoy more of the money you earned while planning for retirement. That means greater security and less to lose by diversifying your investment portfolio.

What is Capital Gains Tax?

Capital gains tax is assessed after selling an asset such as stocks, bonds, jewelry, precious metals, and real estate. The price that the item sold for is subtracted from the original purchase price to come up with a taxable amount paid to the IRS. Whatever profit you made off the item upon receipt of sale is considered a capital gain.

The IRS evaluates long-term gains differently than short-term gains. Capital gains tax is not calculated until the asset is sold. To pay less on their investments, most taxpayers report capital losses so they’re not required to pay in as much in taxes.

By diversifying your investment portfolio with precious metals who retain their value better than other investments such as stocks, bonds, and real estate and reporting the losses from the sale of those items, you can cancel out what you gained from the sale of your gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Your losses even roll over to future tax returns which could be extremely beneficial for you.

How to Limit Your Capital Gains Tax by Learning How to Invest in Gold

You can invest in a Gold IRA without penalties and fees. When you decide to sell  some of your investment in gold, you can use the losses that you had on the sale of other investments to cancel out your tax liability on your gold and other precious metals. It’s a win-win situation. You get to let your investments increase in value over time and not get stuck with a large tax bill on the precious metals whenever you’ve decided to turn them into cash.

How Red Rock Secured Can Help You

At Red Rock Secured we know that you want to be worry free. In order to do that, you need to protect your retirement savings. The problem is you can wake up and half your retirement could be gone which makes you feel powerless. We believe you deserve to be confident that everything you have worked for will still be there tomorrow.

We understand, in the last recession we saw too many American’s lose too much which is why we for over a decade have worked with our clients to protect their retirement savings by investing in gold and silver.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Transfer – We’ll establish a tax free and penalty free transfer from your current custodian or bank.

2. Convert – Red Rock Secured will then convert your investment into physical gold, silver, or approved precious metal of your choice.

3. Ship – We pay for shipping to transfer to a secure storage facility of your choice that you can visit anytime.

So, open a gold and silver IRA today. And in the meantime, call 844-824-5051 for a free 1 on 1 consultation to see if investing in gold and silver is right for you.

So you can stop worrying about not having enough money and instead know that no matter what happens with the market you are safe and can afford the retirement you earned.

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Looking back two quarters ago and you will see why precious metals remain a mainstay for investors.

If the past two quarters has taught us anything, it’s that gold continues to rise in value. Political and economic affairs have done little to tarnish its reputation as a valuable source of currency around the world. In fact, precious metals remain virtually recession-proof because of their scarcity. Unlike the US dollar which can be printed on demand to boost the economy, fewer pieces of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium exist, making them worth more to investors internationally.

The Informed Investor is Placed in a Favorable Position
Being in the market to do something different with your retirement savings puts you in a favorable position. After all, isn’t it freedom that you desire after leaving the workforce? Spending your days doing whatever you like and being able to afford to do it is your ultimate goal when investing. It goes without saying that avoiding the downfall that comes with making poor financial decisions is a priority.
Reviewing what analysts have to say about precious metals helps confirm their role as highly sought-after investment options. It confirms your decision to invest in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. You can see the proof that precious metals retain their value and even increase in value in times of political and economic duress.

What Makes Gold the Best Option for Retirees
When you decide to move your retirement funds into a Gold IRA, you’re securing a favorable financial future for yourself. You’re eliminating a lot of the risk that comes with investing your money in stocks, digital currency, and even real estate. The option to buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium with pre-tax and post-tax dollars exist to meet your unique needs.
You can use precious metals to diversify your portfolio, give you and your family greater security, and even avoid paying capital gains tax by writing off your losses each year. Because a loss can be carried over to future returns, the money you make off the sale of your gold isn’t eaten up by taxes. The profits that you make are then yours to use to fund your retirement lifestyle

instead of being paid into the IRS.
It only makes sense to make the switch now to gold, silver, platinum, and palladium before the political and economic climate worsens. Your bright future depends on your ability to see the value of precious metals. Reading reports and following gold prices helps raise your awareness and see how valuable they are as currency and an investment option.

Being an Informed Investor Helps You Make the Best Decisions About Your Financial Future
Investing doesn’t need to be hard to be effective. In fact, when you invest in precious metals, you’re able to accomplish more in less time. Reviewing detailed analysis reports tracking the rise of gold over the past two quarters helps convince you of its value as an investment option and part of your retirement portfolio. It helps secure your vision of life after leaving the workforce by helping you achieve everything you’ve set out to do financially.

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You’ll learn to recognize a standout service when you see it!

Not all precious metal re-sellers are alike. That’s why it’s important to know what makes Red Rock Secured stand out in the industry. Working with a company like ours to diversify your investment portfolio and secure your ideal retirement lifestyle is essential. Learning what makes us different from other precious metal re-sellers provides you with the information needed to invest in gold, silver, and platinum that you buy from us.

Things That Make Us Stand Out from the Competition

Among the most notable things that make Red Rock Secured the company it is today is our commitment to our customers. We want you to feel confident in your decision to invest in precious metals. We provide many resources for you to discover while visiting our website.

That way, you’re making a decision from an informed place of power. You know exactly what to expect from us as well as why gold, silver, and platinum are sound investments to make when planning for your retirement. Best of all, you don’t need to go to several places to find the information that you seek because we contain it in one place on our website.

Other things that make us stand out is the variety of investment options that we offer. A look through our online catalog allows you to see all the gold, silver, and platinum products that we carry. You can choose the ones that feel the most valuable to you and we’ll arrange for a home delivery of the items.

That’s another thing that makes us outstanding. We make sure that your investment options are protected and delivered to your doorstep. If you choose to keep them with us, we have a Depository that is backed and insured by Lloyd’s of London which protects you from loss.

So, in addition to putting our customers’ needs first by offering a diverse range of products to choose from, we also give you the educational resources needed to learn as much as you can about precious metals so you can make the right investment decisions that help you earn as much as possible from gold, silver, and platinum as well as pay as little in taxes as necessary once you do cash in your coins and bullion. 

Work with the Best So You Can Finally Rest

Investing in gold has never been easier. Red Rock Secured offers a Thrift Savings Plan that accounts for your best interests. Prepare for retirement by investing in gold, silver, and platinum today. You won’t go wrong with a TSP from us!

Learn more about what it takes to secure your retirement with precious metals. You hold the future in your hands, literally, when you buy gold, silver, and platinum from us. Survive economic failures more confidently by transferring your savings into a Gold IRA. When you buy from us, you’re investing in the brightest, most secure future that you can envision for yourself as a retiree.


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If you want to protect your retirement savings against ever-fluctuating currencies and financial markets, investing in gold is the right option for you. Not only has it been a chosen form of currency for thousands of years, it’s made from scarce metals which help it retain its value better than paper bills. Inflation makes it harder to squeeze the value out of every dollar you’ve earned. With the rising prices of homes, college educations, and even groceries chipping away at your savings, how do you expect to survive retirement without a plan?

That’s where Red Rock Secured comes in and delivers solutions. We provide opportunities for investing in gold that protect you against the fluctuations of currencies and the financial markets. Gold and silver rise in value whenever inflation goes up because of their rarity. Precious metals provide you with greater purchasing power where currencies and stocks can sometimes fall short. 

You can continue to earn money off the gold, silver, and platinum that you’ve purchased without penalty or fee until after you’ve requested a taxable disbursement. That means that you’re able to profit  in times where with other investment options you would not. By investing in gold  you can safeguard your savings from significant loss.

Why Investing in Gold is a Better Bet Than Paper Currency

Gold offers you a greater return on investment. It’s a liquid asset that can be converted into cash quickly. When you purchase gold coins and gold bouillon, you’re able to do so with pre-taxed dollars. Your investment continues to earn money and you don’t need to worry about paying taxes on it until after you’ve decided to take a disbursement.

Investing in gold is something you can keep track of, too. It’s a physical asset that you can touch and hold in your hands. By keeping your precious metals in a secure physical storage facility, you guarantee that your investments are protected year-round. When you store paper currency in a bank or invest in the stock market, there is no guarantee that you won’t lose money.

Take Matters into Your Own Hands by Protecting Your Savings Today

Protect your investments by choosing to invest in gold, silver, and platinum to provide you with additional financial security. Investing in gold today helps you prepare for the uncertainty of the future.

There are many ways to diversify your portfolio and protect your retirement savings. Choosing to invest in your financial future by purchasing gold is among the easiest ways to safeguard all that you worked so hard to accumulate during your working years. Consider your options and make decisions that help shield you from the pangs of inflation right away.

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The current state of the country is enough to persuade you to do something different by investing in gold and silver.

There are many factors for investors to consider when attempting to grow their retirement savings. Making the right financial decisions determines how well you’ll live once you leave the workforce. If you don’t want to put your financial future in someone else’s hands entirely, it’s time to invest in gold and silver. They aren’t difficult to store or account for these days, which makes them the perfect choice for someone who doesn’t want politics and government shutdowns to negatively affect your profits.

Having greater control, more diversity, and sustained profitability are likely your investment goals. Working with your financial advisor on a regular basis helps you make the right decisions concerning your finances so that you’re able to live a good life after retiring. Knowing when, where, and how to invest your hard-earned money is important as it dictates what you can and cannot afford in the future.

Plunging Stock Market Prices

The Stock Market has nosedived for a while now. A recession-like climate looms over the country at different times forcing investors and retirees to get very serious about the money they have saved. Things such as politics and government shutdowns affect Wall Street and the money you have invested in stocks.

Gold’s Prices are Steadily Increasing

Gold, however, has been picking up momentum since mid-June which is one of the main reasons why more and more people are considering padding their portfolios with precious metals. When other investments have lost most of their value investing in gold and silver will still be worth a lot.

With Red Rock Secured, you possess tangible goods that you’re able to monitor. Whether you choose to store them elsewhere or in our depository, one thing is certain – You can access, retrieve, and even sell your precious metals whenever you want.

A Gold IRA is among the safest diversification options available for you. Unlike other forms of investments, investing in gold and silver is nearly impossible to counterfeit. There are many measures that are taken to weigh, certify, and test gold to ensure its purity.

Liquidity is also of importance because it allows you to get quick cash if your needs require it. Gold and other precious metals such as silver and platinum make it easy for you to recoup some of the costs of living that you’re forced to pay out. With investing in gold and silver, you can hold onto them until they have appreciated in value so you’re able to maximize your profits and have more money to work with as a retiree.

Home Delivery and Depository Storage Options Await You

Keep gold, silver, and platinum at the forefront of your mind. Precious metals are the safest bet in a volatile economy. Instead of losing money with stocks, why not profit with a Gold IRA? Red Rock Secured offers Home Delivery and Depository Storage options to meet your needs. Learn more about them by requesting more information from us today.


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Protect your investments from significant loss with Red Rock Secured.

Today’s headlines are enough to have any investor scrambling to protect their investments. Between government shutdowns and political unrest, the economy is volatile. Your retirement savings is what hangs in the balance during times of uncertainty where anger, fear, and disagreements affect the stock market and profitability. If you don’t like other people deciding how you should live after you’ve retired and what your current money is worth, it’s time to start thinking about better ways to diversify your portfolio with precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.

What Makes Gold IRAs Ideal

Red Rock Secured offers peace of mind in times of worry. Our Gold IRAs are among the most popular services we offer for good reason. Gone are the days where keeping tangible goods on hand was cumbersome and hard to account for. With precious metals, you know precisely where your money has gone, how it’s being stored and what it’s worth.

You can hold it in your hands, add it up and sell it whenever you feel like it. You have the option of using pre-tax and post-tax dollars to invest in precious metals, too, giving you greater financial freedom and stability during times of hardship. Looking through our online catalog of gold, silver, and platinum helps familiarize you with the types of precious metals that we carry so you can make the type of investment in your future that makes sense.

Information is Power According to Sven Henrich

MarketWatch’s Sven Henrich notes that despite Wall Street projecting higher target prices at year-end, it’s important to “Pay close attention and stay fully informed. There are a lot of complex, moving technical pieces and macro pieces driving markets and the global economy that makes for a foggy outlook for the year ahead.” Wild price swings are a good possibility and that could leave investors in the stock market at a loss.

Trade wars while left unresolved contribute to a global recession. At the time that this happens, production slows while revenues and earnings decrease. Heinrich fears that the “scariest unknown monster of all” is the down turning of central banks who have less money to work with than in the past, and no real normalized policy to enforce.

One of the ways around all of the struggle is to take what you’ve saved and turn it into precious metals. Gold has continued to maintain its value in the marketplace, making it a safer option than stocks, which have seen decreases in profitability steadily over the past few months. Since mid-June, gold prices have stayed strong, proving its sustainability in an unpredictable economy.

Don’t Let a Crashing Stock Market Take Your Savings With It

The Stock Market has proven to be problematic already this year, whereas gold has steadily increased in value since mid-summer 2018. Why not consider investing in a Gold IRA? You can take advantage of penalty-free and tax-free savings. Learn more by requesting more information from us about our products and services so that you can also diversify your portfolio with gold, silver, and platinum.


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Turn your retirement funds into a Gold IRA with no fees.

So, the word on the street is that investing in gold helps you secure a better financial future throughout retirement. You, however, know very little about the subject and your financial advisor hasn’t considered offering you the option to invest in gold, silver, and platinum. So, what do you do when you don’t have the information needed to make an informed decision about your savings and investments? Do you take to the internet like a warrior in hopes of learning all you can about precious metals?

You don’t need to go to extremes to learn what makes investing in gold, silver, and platinum worth considering as investments. Red Rock Secured is available to clear up any misconceptions you have about this type of investment and also to provide much-needed advice on ways to further diversify your portfolio. In fact, we’ve even taken the guesswork out of determining whether gold, silver, and platinum are right for you by letting you in on the advantages of each, which we’ve listed below.

Here is how to know if investing in gold is right for you:

  • You don’t want to pay fees for moving around your investments. A Gold IRA allows you greater control over your finances. There are no fees and you aren’t taxed heavily unless you opt to use the money that you’ve saved out of your post-taxed checks to build your retirement savings. Red Rock Secured makes this process quick, easy, and understandable. You are always in control of your retirement funds.
  • You have post-tax money to invest. You’ve been saving for retirement but want to add to what you’ve squirreled away. You have tax dollars to spend and prefer to get the most you can out of them. You’ve heard about the retained value of precious metals and think that gold, silver, and platinum sound right for your needs.
  • You want to diversify your portfolio. You’ve invested in stocks. You’ve maxed out your employer-matched 401K plan. You’ve worked with your personal financial advisor to come up with an investment portfolio that sees you through the duration of your retirement, but you want to add to its diversity by including investing in gold as a form of retirement funding. Best of all, you can choose all gold, all silver or all platinum or a combination of the three metals in the denominations that you feel serve you best.
  • You want to have something tangible to show for your hard work. Investing in gold are something you can hold in your hand. You can physically see them and account for their worth. With our Depository Storage and Home Delivery options, you’re completely in charge of your funds whether you decide to store them yourself or store them with us.

Your investment in gold is protected. Whether you keep your funds in our depository or choose a location for them somewhere near you, know that you’ve made the right decision to purchase gold, silver, and platinum. The economy is extremely volatile and can be influenced negatively by many factors. Take it upon yourself to protect every penny you worked so hard to earn and save with Red Rock Secured.


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