Prepare for your retirement by making the right investments.

So, you’ve got money to invest and you want to do it right. We understand why this is important to you. After all, you’ve given up a majority of your life for your career. You’ve earned a break from working and want to live as comfortable of a lifestyle as possible.

Steering clear of the wrong investment options makes the idea of a happy retirement feasible. You’re not out a fortune nor are you stuck with investments that you can’t sell off right away. By learning the difference between digital currencies and tangible currencies, you’re able to invest smarter without working harder.

To help you out, we’re going to explain why precious metals are a better choice than digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

What is Digital Currency?

Digital currency is precisely what it sounds like. It’s a form of currency that is exchanged digitally. It has monetary value but doesn’t necessarily work as cash because many major retailers throughout the United States refuse to accept it as a form of payment. Bitcoin is one type of digital currency or cryptocurrency. In places such as China and South Korea, it’s not seen as a valuable.

How Does Precious Metals Differ from Cryptocurrencies?

There are many things that make precious metal different than digital currency. The first is how long gold, silver, platinum, and palladium have been recognized as a legitimate form of currency. The exchange of precious metals for goods and services dates back centuries.

Every country on the planet sees their value and wants to have some gold, silver, platinum or palladium in their possession to sell in the future. It’s a widely recognized form of currency and investment option. That means that it can be exchanged nearly everywhere for goods, services, and even cash.

Precious metals are scarce. There are limited quantities of them which drives up demand. They’re tangible which means that you can personally see them, hold them, and count them yourself. Digital currency doesn’t necessarily fall into that category although there are Bitcoins that resemble larger coins for collector purposes.

Certain factors affect the value of precious metals including politics and economic changes. They are small in comparison, however, to the fluctuation in pricing Bitcoin has seen. Also, precious metals are said to be rising in value and will continue to do so for the next couple of years. You can purchase them now with pre-tax dollars and ride out the wave until it’s time to withdraw from your Gold IRA.

What Working with Red Rock Secured Gives You

Red Rock Secured makes precious metals investing easy for you. Not only is it a safer bet than digital currency, it’s also virtually recession-proof. Invest in your financial future by putting your hard-earned savings into a Gold IRA. Diversify your portfolio with silver, platinum, and palladium, too. Our online catalog provides you with better retirement investing options because precious metals come in different values to meet your budget and personal investment needs.

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What is Bitcoin

Make profits off your investments and live off the money you saved and earned after retiring.

So, what’s all the buzz about Bitcoin? Is it good, bad or somewhere in-between? How does its value withstand the volatile marketplace where inflation and recession are real possibilities for people reaching retirement age?

If you have a lot of questions concerning that What is Bitcoin or digital currency, we fully understand why. One party tells you to sink all your savings into Bitcoin while the other tells you to steer clear of cryptocurrencies.

At Red Rock Secured, we aim to inform our customers about the investment options that await them with precious metals. That is why we’ve chosen to address the subject of Bitcoin and the disadvantages that come with investing in digital currency. We also want you to understand what makes gold, silver, platinum, and palladium a safer bet for you to spend your money on. You’ll find that information highlighted below.

What is Bitcoin and What Risks Does It Pose?

A Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that was introduced to the marketplace in the last decade. Like Ripple and Ether, it’s a form of cryptocurrency that bewilders investors. Should or shouldn’t they invest in it is a big question.

On one hand, some experts urge you to buy now before prices become untouchable on Bitcoin. Others, however, state that it’s best to sell off what you bought before the price plummets further.

Knowing that the unpredictable nature and lack of support from corporate retailers in viewing digital currency as a form of currency are strikes against the Bitcoin, it’s wise to find another investment option with fewer risks. Precious metals are everything you’re looking for and more as demonstrated below.

The Advantages Precious Metals Have Over Digital Currency

It’s a well-known fact that precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium remain a recognized form of currency worldwide. They aren’t tied to any one company and there are no restrictions on their use to buy goods in corporate marketplaces or worldwide in markets such as China and South Korea.

Experts predict that precious metals are set up for massive gains in the next couple of years, making investing today even more important than it was yesterday. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are scarce resources which drive the demand for them. Unlike other forms of currency, coins and bullion are not created at-will which makes them harder to get.

Let Red Rock Secured Show You Better Ways to Invest

A Gold IRA offers greater flexibility and a better ROI overall. When considering the different retirement investing options awaiting you, don’t discount precious metals. Remember the risk that Bitcoin carries. It’s similar to the stock market and the whirlwind nature of the economy, politics, and corporate scandals as they affect the prices of your investments.

Protect the 401K or IRA you worked so hard to earn with our assistance. Direct your questions to us today so you can learn how precious metals investing works. We’re here to help you secure your financial future through the duration of your retirement years.

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