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Retirement Questions

5 Questions to Answer Before Retiring

You’ve been working toward this goal for most of your adult life: but are you really ready to retire? Here are five questions you should ask yourself before riding off into the sunset. What Type of Retirement do you Envision? Different people choose to enjoy retirement differently. Some have always [...]


Do You Have a Money Mindset?

How knowledgeable are you about your finances? If you don’t currently have a money mindset, there are ways to cultivate one. Be patient with yourself as you go through the process. The most major breakthroughs happen when you least expect them. You can develop mindfulness about money by doing the following: Creating [...]

Investing with Red Rock Secured

Five Ways Red Rock Secured Helps Its Customers Prepare for Retirement

We offer investment options that include gold and silver which retain and increase in value significantly. Best of all, these options help you round out your investments by allowing you to put your money into something you can physically see and touch such as coins.

Spending Retirement Savings

Are You Spending Your Retirement Savings Too Quickly?

Many Americans are ill-prepared for retirement. Some confess that they have less than $1,000 saved for their Golden Years. The rising cost of healthcare provides many concerns for retirees, who on average, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on out-of-pocket medical expenses as couples during retirement. If you want [...]

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