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401k and IRA tips

How Early Withdrawals from a 401K or IRA Kills Your Retirement

Protect the money you worked so hard to earn, save, and invest with. When it comes to investing your future, you need a calculated plan in order to preserve the majority of your savings. After all, the money you sink into a 401K or IRA is non-taxable until you withdraw [...]

Gold provides tax benefits

How Gold Provides Significant Tax Benefits

Save money by buying precious metals with taxed dollars. Investing in gold has distinct benefits ranging from greater diversity, liquidity, and more flexibility. More importantly, if you opt to purchase precious metals with pre-taxed dollars with a Home Delivery Gold IRA, you have a better chance of getting 15 to [...]

Invest in precious metals

What Investing in Precious Metals Gives You

You gain more than just a liquid asset that you can sell at any time. If you’re considering investing in precious metals, there are things you’ll want to be informed about before buying your first gold or silver coin or piece of platinum. That way, you’re able to make the [...]

Gold vs US dollar

How Investing with Gold Protects You Against the Dollar

When other forms of currency lose their value, gold remains strong. If you want to protect your retirement savings against the ever-fluctuating US dollar, investing in gold is the right option for you. Not only has it been a chosen form of currency for thousands of years, it’s made from [...]

Investing with Red Rock Secured

Five Things That Red Rock Secured Offers Investors

Retain more of your retirement savings by investing smartly. Red Rock Secured offers investors peace of mind. When it comes to your retirement savings, we work hard to make sure you see greater returns. We make it easy for you to invest in precious metals such as gold and silver [...]

Social Security Questions

How Your Belief in Social Security is Holding You Back

Most people cannot afford to live off their benefits once they’ve reached retirement age. In the past, many retirees looked forward to collecting their Social Security check because it signified a time in their life when all their hard work had paid off. However, gone are the days of being [...]

Great Retirement Investment

5 Things That Make Gold a Great Retirement Investment

Red Rock Secured knows a thing or two about investing in precious metals. If you’re seriously considering diversifying your portfolio so you can live out your retirement years in peace, gold is an option that delivers wealth. Not only is it a great investment, it’s something you can easily hold [...]

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