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How Gold And Silver is Poised for Massive Gains in the Next 2-5 Years

Why investing in precious metals now is a great idea. Have you heard the news? Gold and silver are steadily increasing in value. In fact, massive gains are projected for the next two to five years! If you were considering adding precious metals to your investment portfolio or thinking about putting your retirement funds into a Gold IRA, now is the time to do so. You won’t be penalized or charged a fee. Best of all, your gold and silver investments will continue to accrue interest the entire time that you own them. You’re not taxed on the investment until you [...]

Prepare for retirement

How to Be Better Prepared for Your Retirement Years

Mentally and physically preparing for life after work is of utmost importance. Your retirement years are likely going to be among the happiest years of your life. With newfound freedom, you’re able to explore the world as well as your passions and interests like never before. If you haven’t thought much about how to prepare for retirement, remember that the clock is ticking. Every minute counts when it comes to investing and preparing financially for life after work. If you want to be better prepared for your retirement years, there are things you can do. For example, by considering your unique [...]

Invest 401k with Red Rock Secured

Signs That the Economy is Tanking

Safeguard your assets from loss with Red Rock Secured. The financial forecast for the country is one that you take notice of as an investor. After all, if the companies that you’ve chosen to support with your hard-earned dollars lose money, you do, too. Rather than leaving the conditions of your retirement to chance, why not invest in and protect the future with Red Rock Secured? We offer a safer way to invest your 401K. To fully understand how vulnerable you are during times of financial ruin, it’s important to know what to look for in a failing financial system. That [...]


How Government Employees Can Survive a Shutdown with Red Rock Secured

Having liquid assets helps in a tight pinch. Government employees who have invested in gold, silver, and platinum have the ability to sell their precious metals for cash. The process is far less harrowing than withdrawing from a 401k. The extra money can help in times of financial uncertainty such as those created by political unrest like the recent government shutdown. Don’t Do Without Because You Planned Ahead Furloughed employees not receiving a paycheck from their jobs aren’t forced to do without necessities to survive. They have liquid assets available that they can turn into cash. Unlike stocks, which have suffered massive blows [...]

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