1964 JFK Half Dollar Circulated

1964 JFK Half Dollar Circulated

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  • Melt Value – $5.78
  • Country – United States
  • Type – Silver Coin
  • Metal Content – 0.36169 t oz
  • Face Value – $0.50 USD
  • Mintage – 433,460,212
  • Issuing Mint – U.S. Mint
  • Year Issued – 1964


  • Description



The 1964 jfk Half Dollar is a 50 cent coin that was minted as a tribute and memorial to assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Coins are typically only revised every 25 years. However Congress passed a special act authorizing the creating of the Kennedy Half Dollar on December 30, 1963.

The silver coins vanished from circulation upon their release in March 1964 due to collectors, hoarders, and those interested in a memento of the late president. Although the Mint greatly increased production, the denomination was seldom seen in circulation.

Gilroy Roberts, the Chief Engraver of the United States Mint at the time, created the left-profile portrait of Kennedy. It is accompanied by engravings of the word “Liberty” and phrase “In God We Trust,” along with the year of issue. The reverse of the 1964 jfk Half Dollar is the image of the modified presidential shield. It includes the American bald eagle, as well as the traditional arrows and olive branch in the eagle’s talons.


All 90% Silver Kennedy Half Dollar Coins listed here are from 1964. This is the only time in which 1964 jfk Half Dollar coins were struck with .900, or 90%, silver content. The Coinage Act of 1965 eliminated the use of pure silver in circulation coins, leaving only the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar with 90% silver content.

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