Is A Red Rock Secured Self-Directed IRA Right For You?

There are a variety of factors investors need to consider when customizing a strategy to not only protect, but grow their retirement savings. Red Rock Secured prides itself on developing unique retirement strategies so that your portfolio can thrive and prosper in all market conditions. A Red Rock Self-Directed IRA may be a fit for you if you are :

Concerned About Another Stock Market Crash?

If your retirement account is too heavily weighted towards dollar based assets like stocks, mutual funds and bonds your portfolio could be fully exposed to another massive drop in value that devastated investors in the 2008 Financial Crisis.

Looking For Wealth Preservation

A portfolio without precious metals is like a ship with no anchor. Gold and silver maintain an inverse relationship with nearly all “risk-on” assets like stocks. Thus, metals have provided excellent protection against loss of value in the dollar and stock indices world-wide.

Worried About IRA Confiscation?

With the Federal Government nearly $20 Trillion in debt and $14 Trillion in pre-tax retirement accounts many investors are looking to pull value out of the banking system for safe keeping close to home.

Seeking Real Diversification

If you do not have tangible assets in your retirement account, all you really have are numbers on a computer screen. Physical gold and silver are recognizable worldwide, helping secure your wealth in any and all market conditions.

Tired of Fees Destroying Your Retirement?

According to The Atlantic 401(k) and IRA fees might be costing you HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over your life time. Metals accounts are an excellent low cost alternative with much lower fee structures.

In Search of Profit Potential

Avi Gilburt, who is one of if not the most accurate analysts in metals, is calling for a new bull market with gold going to $25,000!


1 Step 1

Private Depository IRAs vs. Home Delivery IRAs

Home Delivery IRA
Depository IRA
Set-up is quick and easy. Red Rock does the vast majority of heavy lifting and will guide you from creating your LLC to helping you purchase gold and silver.
Slightly more direct than a HDGIRA. Very simple 3 step process wherein funds are transferred and then converted at your direction into precious metals.


Pricing can be highly variable depending on which state you are creating your LLC in. In general Self- Directed IRA LLC offer more control tend to be slightly more expensive.
Costs typically range from $125-$300 per year. Overall this tends to be a more cost effective, “hands off option”


Certain metals may be stored at home; it is highly recommended that the metals are delivered to your home be stored in a safety deposit box under the name of the LLC.
The IRA metals are stored on you behalf in a secure, privately own, non-government depository on your behalf. Metals can viewed at your leisure.


Home Delivery offers a significantly greater level of control that comes with a higher level of responsibility, and in certain cases, a higher cost.
While your metals are stored at a remote location, it can be accessed at your discretion, and security at
these facilities is top of the line.


HDGIRA are riskier in the sense that you are responsible for the value and maintenance of the metals in the event of theft or any unforeseen situation like a natural disaster.
Depository IRAs are risker in that you may not have as quick of access to your metals. However there is no question to the programs validity from an IRS prospective.
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