Red Rock Secured’s 2023 Global Gold Report has been featured in Fortune’s 2023 Investor’s Guide, “The Recession Playbook.”

The newly released report provides Americans with a look at current economic issues that have a direct effect on money and generational wealth.

The 2023 Global Gold Report covers a comprehensive overview of macroeconomic trends, including inflation, debt, stagflation, and central bank digital currencies to deliver helpful and practical insights to retirement savers and savvy investors.

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Within ongoing record-high inflation, seemingly ever-increasing Fed interest rate hikes, stock market volatility, and a possible “super bubble,” more retirees are turning to gold to help protect and preserve their wealth.

“It’s scary that bubbles in stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and real estate are coming undone at once,” Red Rock Secured CEO Sean Kelly told Fortune. “They have been driven to unsustainable heights by the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented creation of liquidity.”

At the same time, gold prices have been rising—especially since the midterm election—which often happens during times of economic uncertainty.

Gold typically increases in value during the early days of inflation, but when inflation is persistent, as we’ve been seeing since the start of the pandemic, gold prices can rise even higher as investors worry about their currencies losing power.

And your loss of wealth is something we’d like to help prevent. That’s why Red Rock Secured helps investors move retirement funds into self-directed IRAs that hold precious metals.

“When you diversify your savings outside of paper money into physical gold, you no longer have to worry about the rampant printing of money devaluing your savings,” Kelly explained. “The more dollars the Federal Reserve prints, the less value those dollars have. But it simply cannot print more gold.”

CEO Sean Kelly

At the same time, Kelly pointed out that many Wall Street investors are selling “paper gold”—or gold substitute investments—further increasing gold prices. As such investments flow out of ETFs, a gap has opened between spot prices and future prices of physical precious metals, which are increasing as supply decreases.

Looking ahead, Kelly expects gold and silver prices to soar in both the short and long term, with physical gold prices potentially rising to $5,000 per ounce, up from its current price of approximately $1,700 per ounce in November.

“Many of our clients want the safety value of gold to add stability to their portfolios and retirement plans. In times of high inflation, the reliability of gold in coin form provides a sense of security not found in other investments.”

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You can find the full guide on Fortune’s website.

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