According to a Morning Consult/Politico poll, ​62% of Americans said President Biden is somewhat or very responsible for increasing inflation. The same number also believes that the country is on the wrong track. It also found that 18% say Biden’s policies aren’t too responsible for inflation, while 10% say the administration’s policies aren’t responsible at all.


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6 in 10 say Biden policies responsible for increasing inflation: poll

More than 6 in 10 respondents in a new poll say President Biden’s policies are responsible for increasing inflation in the U.S.

The Morning Consult/Politico poll found 40 percent of respondents say Biden’s policies are very responsible for rising inflation, which is at a 13-year high, while 22 percent say they are somewhat responsible.

Pollsters also found 18 percent of respondents say Biden’s policies are not too responsible for inflation, while 10 percent say the administration’s policies aren’t responsible at all.

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China’s Falling Home Prices Cast Another Shadow Over Economy

China’s housing market slump has intensified in recent weeks as sales plunge and more developers default on their debt. Now the downturn has reached another milestone: home prices have begun falling for the first time in six years.

The 0.08% drop in new-home prices across 70 cities in September may be small, but it poses a potentially big blow for an economy that counts on property-related industries for almost a quarter of output.

Homebuyer sentiment is evaporating as a crisis at China Evergrande Group ripples through the industry. With prospective buyers already wondering whether cash-strapped builders can deliver their apartments, the risk is that they stay away in droves on fears that real estate is no longer a safe bet.

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Palladium looks vulnerable above $2000/oz

Palladium is in a very interesting place at the moment. The price has stalled on the downside but is stuck between a rock and a hard place for the bulls. The drop had been quite something after the great uptrend the precious metal found itself in between 2016 and mid-2021. Now a nearly 40% retracement is settling down technical the price is in a precarious place.

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