David Smith, a Senior Analyst for The Morgan Report, is warning that silver is poised for a breakout that many investors will miss out on. You can read his reasons why in the essay below. While gold prices may be dipping, experts say it’s still an ideal asset. Fidelity investment writer Graham Smith told Kitco News, “The long-awaited big gold rally could still be on its way. The gold price – currently just under $1,900 – has, at least, displayed some stability since the turn of the year. “It may be all that gold needs is a bit more time. Poor returns from shares have unsettled investors recently, and any lack of improvement could spark moves into other asset classes. It’s also worth remembering that gold always has the potential to help shield investors when the world throws us a curveball.”


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Why Most Investors Will Miss Out on the Coming Upside Silver Breakout – Part 1

As silver makes an upside breakout on good volume above $30 – initially confirmed by several closes above that price (an occurrence I believe will take place this year) – the number of investors (as opposed to speculators) will immediately begin to shrink.

This will continue to take place as the price works its way up toward $50 and accelerate into new all-time highs over the next 12-18 months, toward the magnetic target of $100 an ounce… For a start?

The likelihood of and reasons for this being the case are the primary foci of this essay.

“Taking a tidy profit” after holding/adding to a position for such a long time. There’s nothing wrong with taking some money off the table, especially into $45-$55 silver, but if you believe (as I do) that a literal once in a lifetime opportunity in gold, the miners, and especially silver awaits us, then be careful about taking too much out, lest you end up riding the wave with a position size that’s much smaller than you were willing to risk at lower levels.

Much as you should buy in tranches (portions), so should you discipline yourself too – as Stewart Thomson likes to say – “Sell less than is rational.”

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Following Twitter, Elon Musk May Next Want to Acquire Silver

Elon Musk’s $44 billion purchase of Twitter is being hailed as a victory for free speech. Musk vows to make changes to the social media platform that will make it a true “digital town square” where people are free to speak their minds, even if others take offense.

Of course, not everyone is excited about the prospect.

“Biden officials worry Musk will allow Trump to return to Twitter,” CNBC informs us.

Musk, meanwhile, is worried that the Biden administration may launch retaliatory attacks by securities regulators. He is also concerned by government policies that are stoking inflation.

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Gold is an ‘ideal’ asset right now but why isn’t the price higher? Fidelity weighs in

Even though gold seems like an “ideal” asset to own right now, why hasn’t its price made “a big splash” yet? Here’s what Fidelity International has to say about gold’s latent reaction.

Gold failed to deliver a big rally of sustained trading above $2,000 an ounce this year. But all the precious metal might need is time, according to Fidelity International — the arm of Fidelity Investments.

When looking at what has kept gold prices down, Fidelity pointed to aggressive talk from the Federal Reserve.

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