Americans are waiting for the release of the minutes from this month’s Fed meeting, which are expected to show mixed opinions on how to handle inflation and upcoming rate hikes. According to Citi analysts, the minutes “might show some building differences between those officials that want to take a more wait-and-see approach and those who continue to present a more definitive view that financial conditions will need to tighten further.” In other news, many experts are left scratching their heads, questioning why some younger Americans are willing to pay thousands of dollars for concert tickets while others are struggling to eat and pay their bills.

Bloomberg via Financial Advisor Magazine/Dan Weil
Welcome To ‘Swiftonomics’: What Taylor Swift Reveals About The US Economy

Skyrocketing demand, limited supply, price gouging and monopoly accusations. And a customer willing to pay almost anything.
Welcome to Swiftonomics.

Taylor Swift’s upcoming US tour of 52 concerts has all the ingredients of a post-Covid demand shock. Some resellers reportedly asked $40,000 or more for concert tickets following last week’s run on official sales, which left millions empty-handed and ready to pay whatever it takes to score a seat.

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Reuters via Yahoo Finance/Howard Schneider
Fed minutes may show debate over risks of aggressive rate hikes

After a headlong rush this year to raise interest rates, the Federal Reserve switched this month to a more nuanced approach that was seen as a compromise between officials most concerned about high inflation and others worried that more large rises in borrowing costs might crater the economy or stress key markets.

The minutes of the Nov. 1-2 policy meeting, scheduled to be released later on Wednesday, may show just how deep any emerging disagreement has begun to run at the U.S. central bank as it ends the push to “front-load” rate increases and begins feeling the way in smaller steps to an eventual stopping point.

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Fox Business
Crypto market has ‘much further to fall’: Ryan Payne

NewEdge Wealth chief investment officer Cameron Dawson and Payne Capital Management President Ryan Payne join ‘Mornings with Maria’ to discuss lowering mortgage rates and how the FTX bankruptcy impacts the cryptocurrency market.

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