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When something is viewed as precious, it’s considered rare and unique. So is the case with gold and silver, two precious metals currently in high demand. The fool-proof investment option also serves as a currency worldwide. There isn’t a country around that doesn’t know the worth of gold and silver. In fact, countries mint their own precious metals currency to sell to investors. Collectors may have coins in their collection from far off corners of the globe.

The Value of Precious Metals Currently

To better understand what makes gold and silver superior to other metals such as platinum and palladium, you first need to have an idea of the precious metals’ current worth. That way, you can see dollar for dollar how they differ. Keep in mind that the prices listed here are for reference only and can fluctuate at any time.

The prices of gold and silver change constantly. To give you an idea of how they compare in price to platinum and palladium, however, it’s important to have numbers to reference. As of 08/02/19, the price of gold was $1,448.10 per ounce and silver was $16.33 per ounce. Platinum was $848.00 per ounce and palladium was $1,394.00.

Gold and silver prices continue to steadily climb. That’s what makes them so appealing to investors. Watching them increase from one minute to the next is exciting as it is further proof that you’ve made the right choice by invest in gold and silver.

How Gold and Silver are Viewed by Other Countries

Gold and silver are among the two most scarce metals available. That’s what makes them valued so highly. Gold, in particular, remains the world’s historical standard store of value. It’s the type of currency recognized by other nations as having an immense amount of worth which brings us back to the subject of gold coins from other countries as mentioned above.

Why Buy / Invest in Gold and Silver from Red Rock Secured?

If you’re wondering why you should buy from us opposed to other companies that sell precious metals, let us explain what we offer that they don’t. The first is our extensive knowledge and expertise. Helping other investors make the most of their hard-earned savings is our passion.

We go the extra mile to educate, assist, and transform our customers’ lives by helping them become better prepared for retirement. We also offer services such as Home Delivery and Depository Storage as a courtesy to you. That way, you can customize the gold and silver buying experience to meet your needs by having the coins delivered to your home or stored in our state-of-the-art insured depository facility.

We also offer free downloadable PDF guides such as our Gold & Silver Guide FREE of charge. Reading up about what makes gold and silver two of the most precious metals in the world helps you better understand why you’re making the investment choices that you are. You’ll find the PDF format easy to review on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, too.

Profiting from the Price of Gold by Investing in a Gold IRA or Precious Metals IRA

Get more value out of the money you’ve saved in a traditional IRA. Transfer it to a Gold IRA or Precious Metals IRA and reap the rewards that come with investing in gold and silver. You won’t pay any penalties or fees upfront. You also aren’t required to pay taxes until after you’ve sold your coins post-retirement. Then, you’ll pay what is known as capital gains tax which is the difference between the profit you made off the sale of the gold and the money you originally spent to acquire it.

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