While inflation continues to rise, many Americans are worried about their retirement savings. However, one financial advisor says there are ways to profit during these hard times. He spoke with CNBC to explain how you can make and save for your future.


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As inflation rises, here’s where to find opportunities to make and save money

Rising inflation has Americans worried about purchasing power and their retirement plans.

Yet there are some opportunities to make and save money in this environment, as well as protect your investments.

“Now is a great time to review your portfolio to make sure your investment allocation is set up to combat a decrease in purchasing power,” said financial advisor Delano Saporu, CEO of New York-based New Street Advisors Group.

Cash in the bank or in low-yielding bonds aren’t the best option in an inflationary environment when the stock market has gained nearly 27% this year, he noted. Inflation reduces the value of that cash.

“If you are sitting on too much cash, you are doing yourself a disservice,” Saporu said.

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How to hedge against inflation: We asked the experts

Watching inflation erode purchasing power is frustrating. From consumer products to housing and gasoline— products and services are going up in price in this inflationary environment. Yahoo Finance asked several stock market experts: How can investors hedge against inflation?

These are some of the strategies they highlighted:

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How Retirees Can Cope With Inflation

After years of low inflation, many retirees are now concerned about rising prices. Costs for cars, food and gasoline are up, mainly because demand spiked when the economy reopened after the worst of the pandemic. “Across the country it’s a huge concern, especially with the Consumer Price Index at 5% to 5.5%, the highest that we’ve seen for 13 years,” says Brian Robinson, a certified financial planner and partner at SharpePoint in Phoenix, Arizona.

Keep these ages in mind to boost your retirement benefits and avoid penalties.
Emily BrandonJune 28, 2021

Here’s what inflation means for retirees:

  • Be prepared. Modest inflation is here to stay.
  • Your fixed income may not keep up with inflation.
  • Social Security checks are automatically adjusted for inflation.
  • A move to equities, stocks or real estate may be warranted to protect against inflation.
  • Have your financial planner make adjustments for inflation in your financial plan.

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