This is the one we all want. Passive income is the most advantaged income class and it offers you exactly what it says – income derived not from your time, but from your investments. Examples of passive income are rental real estate, book sales or an automated internet business.

Of course, the hardest part about passive income is creating it.

Passive income generally requires a large outlay of resources to get the money tap flowing. This is either lots of money to buy rental property or lots of time to learn a skill that can be converted into a passive stream of income.

Although a distribution from your IRA isn’t technically passive because you’ll have to treat it as portfolio income… it is passive in the sense that if you have $3,000,000 in a retirement fund and it can sustain a 4% withdrawal for example, then you’ve got yourself a nice $120,000 annual income without having to work.

How do you maximize your money so that it’s both kept safe and grows in a retirement fund for your future and that of your family?

One of the best and safest places to put your money to create passive income –a vehicle that’s proven to both grow as well as protect your wealth. That vehicle in short, is precious metals.

Gold, silver, platinum and palladium for example. Although there are others, these four have a remarkable history and are remarkably good at binding your savings and protecting it from those turbulent financial hurricanes that now and will always lurk on the high seas of finance.

Why are metals so great to create passive income?

Is it because they aren’t effected by market swings? No. However… what precious metals have always had and will always have is intrinsic value. Even real estate, which is admittedly a good asset, can’t make that boast.

Any property, be it a house, apartment building or office park can find itself drowning in change. Many fine buildings have become slums… thriving business districts have dried up during a depression… homes have been abandoned due to booms and busts…

Yet gold, silver, platinum and palladium always shine. Should things get really bad… it’s the metal that still has value. In fact, the worse things get, the more power metals retain. It may seem that at times, precious metals lose their worth… but it’s an illusion. It’s only a temporary compression because people are hungry to buy paper assets. Yet, metal will always be there, solid and something you can hold in your hands… and by the end of this book, you’ll understand why nothing protects you, your family and your wealth like the armor of precious metal!

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