How Government Employees Can Survive a Shutdown with Red Rock Secured

Having liquid assets helps in a tight pinch.

Government employees who have invested in gold, silver, and platinum have the ability to sell their precious metals for cash. The process is far less harrowing than withdrawing from a 401K or 410K. The extra money can help in times of financial uncertainty such as those created by political unrest like the recent government shutdown.

Don’t Do Without Because You Planned Ahead

Furloughed employees not receiving a paycheck from their jobs aren’t forced to do without necessities to survive. They have liquid assets available that they can turn into cash. Unlike stocks, which have suffered massive blows because of the current political climate, gold has steadily increased in value which demonstrates its power in times of need.

Prepare for the Worst by Protecting Your Family

Today, you can’t be too prepared for the worst. The longest government shutdown to date recently took place and affected the lives of government workers and their families significantly. What you can take away from this lesson is that history is doomed to repeat itself.

Work on Diversifying Your Portfolio with the Help of Your Financial Advisor

The best way to deal with the distress of the economy and political uproar is to be very deliberate in how you invest. Working with a financial advisor to further diversify your retirement portfolio with liquid assets such as precious metals is one way to protect you and your family from poverty. It’s a safety net when your job and community can’t provide one.

Not putting all of your eggs in one proverbial basket allows you to weather financial storms. You have access to your funds on your terms. You can opt to invest your taxed dollars in precious metals, too, making your contributions count even more.

Now that you’ve experienced financial uncertainty on a deeply personal level, isn’t it time to change how you’re saving and investing? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We’ll show you the way.

Red Rock Secured Provides You with the Answers You Need Immediately

Investing in a Gold IRA comes with questions. Rest assured that we have answers for you. Our employees are well-versed in what it takes to transfer funds into precious metals.

Learn how we can help you make an informed decision concerning your retirement investments. That way, you’ll never be forced to live on the fringe because of a government shutdown. You won’t leave you or your family’s financial future in the hands of others because you’ll have taken the steps necessary to take care of things yourself.

Financial Security is How We Add Value to Your Life

Learn how Red Rock Secured gives you a brighter future. You have options. Diversify your retirement portfolio with a Gold IRA. We even have a depository for you to keep your precious metals in. Retrieve them whenever you want or need to boost your budget. You don’t need to be subjected to the fluctuating state of the nation’s economy or political agendas because you have better ways to invest in your financial security.