Save money by buying precious metals with taxed dollars.

Investing in gold has distinct benefits ranging from greater diversity, liquidity, and more flexibility. More importantly, if you opt to purchase precious metals with pre-taxed dollars with a Home Delivery Gold IRA, you have a better chance of getting 15 to 30 percent more metal depending on the rate your income tax is figured. That means that your precious metals can appreciate in value without taxation until you decide to take a taxable distribution.

Red Rock Secured gives you the option to invest in gold, silver, and platinum using dollars that have or have not been taxed, whichever option you prefer. Either way, you benefit from making a sound investment that you can choose to store in the vault of your choice or our Depository. A Home Delivery Gold IRA carries no penalties or fees, making it the best way to invest your retirement dollars.

What Makes Precious Metals Ideal?

Precious metals do not earn interest or pay out dividends but they’re a sure bet during volatile times. The value of gold, silver, and platinum remains constant, making it a wise investment for future retirees to sink their money into. More importantly, it’s liquid which means that it can be sold and turned into cash rather easily to the relief of the people who need emergency funds with very little notice.

Gold and silver are scarce creating a higher demand for them. Unlike paper currency which can be printed in a pinch, precious metals are much harder to come by which is what makes them retain their value. Gold, silver, and platinum have been used to buy goods and services for thousands of years and have a reputation for being valuable even when other funds are not.

Red Rock Secured’s Role in the Investment Process

Working with Red Rock Secured helps you identify the best investments to make while planning your retirement. With your financial advisor by your side, you can determine how much of your pre-taxed or post-taxed income that you want to invest in coins and bouillon.  You can also decide if investing in a Gold IRA is a possibility for you.

According to, a Gold IRA makes sense because when the precious metal is sold and taxed, the rate is charged as a collectible which is 28 percent. If an investment is kept for less than a year, the IRS taxes it as a short-term capital gain the way it would normally tax other investments. These are important considerations that need to be made while thinking about how to invest in precious metals.

Buy Precious Metals with Taxed Dollars Opposed to Pre-Tax Dollars

Put your pre-taxed and taxed dollars to better use by investing in gold, silver, and platinum. Red Rock Secured offers you improved ways to diversify your portfolio. If you want to cash in on significant tax benefits, learn more about our Gold IRA. 

Keep more of your hard-earned money for retirement by avoiding penalties and higher taxes on the money you’ve saved and invested. Work with your financial advisor to help profit handsomely from the investments you’ve made. Your retirement lifestyle can be everything you imagined it to be and more with the help of Red Rock Secured.


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