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A self-direct IRA means you are in control. In Red Rock Secured can elect to have your gold shipped to you and you can store it in a secure location near your home, like a safety deposit box at your local bank or equivalent. What other investment can you hold in your hands? What other investment stood the test of time like pure gold? Nothing. Read the steps outlined below to help understand how easy it is to own your retirement.

Owning physical precious metals inside an IRA is an excellent way to preserve and potentially even grow your retirement wealth at Red Rock Secured. And there are two different types of IRAs for doing this: Depository or Self-Directed IRA:

3) Buy All Shares of Your LLC Using IRA Funds: Because your metals are owned by your LLC, they can legally be stored outside a depository. But since the LLC will be owned by your IRA, the metals are still under the umbrella of your retirement account.

Home Delivery IRA – Shipped to You, Stored Near Home in an Approved Facility. If privacy and accessibility are your top priorities, this option is ideal. Here’s how it works…

1) Set Up a Self-Directed IRA: This first step is the same as for depository IRAs. You’ll open a new special IRA account that can legally hold precious metals and other non-traditional assets. Once created, you can convert assets from your existing retirement account with zero tax penalties or fees.

2) Create an LLC: To legally store metals outside a depository, you must create an LLC that will take legal ownership of the metals. Your LLC can store metals in any IRS-approved facility, such as a safety deposit box at your bank. Your IRA alone is prohibited from owning and storing metals that way directly (depository must be used), but the next step alleviates this problem.

4) Purchase Your Metals Investments: You’ll accept delivery of your metals at home and store them at your discretion. And since the IRS only requires documentation for assets inside your IRA, your metals investments will stay totally private; the IRS will only see an investment to your LLC, not the underlying metals the LLC holds.

At Red Rock Secured, we love empowering our customers with the freedom and control they have over this highly liquid asset contained within a retirement account. Call today for more details and check with your tax advisors as laws continue to change.

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Opening a Gold IRA is easy.

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At Red Rock Secured we are here to help educate you as an investor and inform you of the best ways to protect your retirement through strategic diversification in precious metals and gold. Call and speak to one of our gold investment experts now to ensure a healthy, diverse, and stress-free retirement portfolio.

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