Remember the Chicago Bulls in their heyday between 1989 and 1999? They were unstoppable for an entire decade. But when they fell, they fell hard.

If there’s one thing we learned from “being like Mike,” it’s that what’s hot today may not be hot tomorrow.

Well, the same goes for markets.

Whether it’s the Bulls—or the bull market—the longer it lasts, the bigger the correction.

We’re living in the third-longest bull market in history, and we are overdue for a correction. A great way to protect yourself from this natural swing is to invest in precious metals.

Not convinced? Let’s look back at the biggest corrections in U.S. history—comparing the S&P 500 index to gold prices:

The chart above shows one thing: That time and time again, when the nation is in crisis, S&P prices plummet while gold prices rise.

Help protect your savings and future retirement by investing in precious metals.

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