Experts say gold will be the metal to follow next year. Bloomberg Intelligence senior commodity analyst Mike McGlone told Kitco News that the yellow metal “will steal the show” in 2022. He said, “If copper and aluminum revert from about decade highs, gold should have a greater potential to rise with bond prices. Copper basically needs to sustain above $10,000 a ton as we see it, or gold is poised to steal the show in 2022.” In other news, today, the Fed is expected to announce it will soon begin bond tapering.


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Gold set ‘to steal the show in 2022’ – Bloomberg Intelligence

After building support at the $1,700 an ounce level this year, gold could be the metal to follow in 2022, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.

“Next year will begin almost 24 months removed from the start of the pandemic, and we see the 2021 bounce in industrial metals vs. the decline in precious at greater risk of reversing,” said Bloomberg Intelligence senior commodity analyst Mike McGlone.

The top performers of 2021 will not be the best choices for 2022 as the economy continues to normalize.

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The Fed is about to set its post-crisis policy course — with a high level of uncertainty ahead

When the Federal Reserve adjourns its meeting Wednesday, it will be doing more than scaling down its economic aid. The central bank will be charting a course for its post-pandemic future.

Virtually everyone who cares about such things anticipates the policymaking Federal Open Market Committee, upon the conclusion of its two-day meeting, will announce that it is reducing the amount of bonds it buys each month.

The process, know as “tapering,” probably will commence before November ends.

In doing so, the Fed will be stepping away from a historic level of support for the economy and into a new regime in which it will still be using its tools to a lesser degree.

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You Are Probably Making at Least 1 of These 4 Retirement Mistakes

We might wish for the journey through retirement to be a nice leisurely stroll, but too often it can feel more like hacking your way through a thorny jungle.

After all, there are plenty of ways for things to go awry, and some mistakes can prove especially costly, sapping your money along with your retirement joy.

But those mistakes aren’t inevitable and, with the right planning, you can improve your odds of avoiding the pitfalls. Let’s explore four common mistakes people make with their retirements:

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