One of the services Red Rock Secured offers is Home Delivery. If you’re buying precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, you’ll need a way to safely store and retrieve the coins. If you don’t want to keep the precious metals in our Depository, you can opt to stow your treasures in an approved facility near your home. We make sure that your investments arrive at you safely so that you’re able to account for and benefit from them right away.

Why Gold Home Delivery Benefits You

To better understand why the service exists, it’s important to learn about its benefits. It gives you the opportunity to see why you may want to choose Home Delivery over having your investments stored in our state-of-the-art Depository Storage.

Some of the advantages of precious metal Home Delivery include:
• It’s private. No one needs to know about your choice to buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. It’s a decision that is yours and yours alone to make. We don’t announce the contents of the packages that we send to you so you’re able to keep transactions discreet. The likelihood of someone walking off with your package lessens because you’ll be the one accepting them with signature as they’re being delivered.

• It gives you better control over your retirement savings. Too often, people put their faith in others and lose large amounts of money in the process. When you take it upon yourself to buy precious metals and have them delivered to your home, you’re the one in charge.

You make arrangements for their storage and retrieval. You count and take inventory of them. They are yours to manage so you don’t worry about someone else abusing their power and taking advantage of your trust by stealing them.

• It keeps them close to you. Without the risk of keeping them at home, Home Delivery allows you to store your retirement savings and investments in a bank near you. After placing them in a safety deposit box, you’re able to go to the establishment to add to your savings, count up what you have, and even turn the coins into cash if the need arises and you’re prepared to pay taxes on the profit you made off the precious metals.

Gold Home Delivery isn’t an option for everyone but it may be right for you. If you have additional questions concerning the service, feel free to reach out to Red Rock Secured for answers. It is our mission to make our customers feel as comfortable as possible with the investment process so we’re readily available to assist you with your needs whenever you have them.

Taking Your Financial Future into Your Own Hands

Precious metal or Gold Home Delivery has its advantages. It gives you greater control over your investments by offering you privacy and accessibility. You’re within a close distance of your retirement savings and can retrieve the precious metals whenever you want. If you’re in need of money in a pinch, you can sell your gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, pay the penalties and fees, and walk away with the remaining money.

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