Don’t let the President dictate how you can afford retirement.

President Donald J. Trump has plans to boost the American economy by weakening the US dollar to the point that overseas trade is slowed down. His excuse is that the currency is far too strong to hold a competitive place against other types of currencies. In light of an upcoming election year, Trump has hinted at reducing American’s purchasing power by causing imports to rise significantly in price. With new challenges facing for currency war the average household concerning getting the most out of every dollar spent, the President’s decision could trigger what Bank of America calls “a currency war”.

Currency War: How the US Dollar’s Value Could Be Lowered by the President

Using interventions that were last executed in 1995, Trump could achieve his mission one of two ways. The first would be to get rid of the strong-dollar policy that has protected America for decades. The other is to sell dollars for less than their current value. The Treasury Department would be ordered to do so by the President.

The Treasury Stands No Chance Without the Fed’s Support

Without the Fed’s support, Trump could carry out his plan and there is nothing that the Treasury can do about it. With the US dollar up less than one percent when compared to other currencies, the President has given off the impression that anything goes. Unfortunately, American citizens are the ones most affected by a currency war because they won’t be able to buy as much as they did in the past with their hard-earned dollars who now have less value.

How a Currency War Affects Your Investments

When the economy is affected by politics and policy, you’re sure to feel its impact financially. This is especially the case with digital currency if you’ve chosen to sink your retirement funds into buying it. As if it wasn’t already a touchy subject with Bitcoin’s lack of recognition as a viable currency in several countries. Weakening its value further by boosting the US dollar’s value could have you seeing red in retirement.

As companies push higher prices onto consumers as a way to stay afloat, the prices of stocks also suffer. The corporations that were once valued by investors may lose a foothold in the stock market. That means even more loss where investments are concerned. If you don’t want someone else dictating when and how you’ll retire, it’s time to start considering gold and silver which retain their value better than any other investment option you have.

Why a Gold IRA Makes Sense

Before the US dollar weakens, use your retirement savings to invest in a Gold IRA. There is no penalty for transferring your traditional IRA into precious metals. In fact, you won’t pay taxes on the coins you purchase until after you sell them as a retiree. That means that you can continue to watch their value increase and not be responsible for paying the IRS until several years have passed and you’ve amassed a rather significant-sized profit.

Invest in Precious Metals and Safeguard Your Funds from a Currency War

Avoid all of the drama that comes with politics and the economy by investing in precious metals. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium have real purchasing power and investment value. Don’t let a Presidency ruin your financial security. You’ve got options for diversifying your portfolio and safeguarding your retirement savings with Red Rock Secured. Learn more about our Gold IRA option and Depository Storage today.

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