Cryptocurrencies are seeing their biggest crash, dropping to levels not seen since 2020.

According to Forbes, more than $1 trillion has been wiped away.

On the morning of Friday, May 13, Bitcoin was down by 58% from its high late last year. Ethereum is down 60%.

Some are saying this crash is showing crypto’s true weight.

Author and Managing Editor of The American Prospect, Ryan Cooper voiced his thoughts, saying cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and stablecoins are a “trillion-dollar trash fire.”

He said, “The situation lends powerful evidence to what crypto skeptics have been saying for years: The whole thing is a steaming pile of garbage.”

Crypto investors as being warned left and right about the dangers to come.

On Fox’s “Morning with Maria,” Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters said investors should be prepared to face the exceptional volatility of cryptocurrencies, calling it the “Wild West.”

He said, “Well, you know, it’s not like it’s only crypto that’s crashing, right? Unfortunately, everything is crashing. This is the Joe Biden economy. But it’s true, crypto’s exceptionally volatile. I always tell people only get involved only buy bitcoin if you’re ready to buckle up and weather the storm because this is the wild west.”

It’s true, it’s a tough time for investing.

Experts at Business Insider went as far to say, quote “There is seemingly no corner of the market that’s providing a safe haven less than halfway into 2022, and stocks, bonds, and the once high-flying cryptocurrency market are all getting crushed.”

Sure, even gold is seeing a dip right now. But experts like “Ahead of the Herds,” Richard Mills says in the end, gold will be the true anchor to the world’s– monetary system.

He explains the five years why in his latest article.

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