Is the Federal Reserve headed towards a new crypto digital monetary system? Take advantage of today’s gold price! Recent events scream that it is time to get assets off the grid!

Has printing money with paper and ink become just too bothersome?  Does paper money interfere with the central bank’s desire to institute negative interest rates?  Does the national surveillance state desire a cashless society that crypto offers so that everything anyone does is like an open book for Big Brother government?


Central banks around the world and the Federal Reserve are headed pell mell to a new crypto digital monetary system.  Chairman Powell says it is a high priority project for the Fed.

That is why we recommend our friends and client take this opportunity provided by a correction in the gold price to get some assets off the grid.  Once the state is committed to its total surveillance monetary system, it will become much more difficult to do so.

When the national surveillance state has a powerful interest in having a chokehold on every financial transaction, it can be expected to resort to social shaming to drive approval and compliance with such its totalist financial system.  After all, “if you are not doing anything wrong, why would you object to your affairs being scrutinized?”

Yet there are many legitimate reasons to want to have assets off the financial grid.  Recent events highlight the urgency of doing so now:

  • In case of a power grid failure. The images are fresh in our minds of last month’s deadly collapse of the Texas electrical grid.  Millions went for days on end without power; the death toll still has not been determined.  The episode illustrates the vulnerability of large grid systems.  In a power failure, ATMs stop spitting out cash, but it will be worse in near future under the Fed’s crypto dollar when a power failure means that every commercial transaction, even the smallest, will grind to a standstill.


  • In case of a cyber-security attack on US telecommunications. Last June a British headline read, “A MASSIVE cyber-attack targeting the USA was feared last night as major telecoms, internet and banking platforms were crippled at the same time.”


  • To avoid victimization by increasingly sophisticated hackers. It is only prudent to want to maintain privacy in one’s financial affairs, especially since millions of people are victims of identity theft and identity fraud each year and while hackers steal credit card numbers by the millions from national retailers.


  • To avoid the fragility of a single, highly centralized monetary system, particularly one in the hands of authorities that have delivered a series of depressions, calamities, and crises. Just a week ago (2/24) he Federal Reserve’s systems for transferring money and financial assets failed nationally, halting crucial transactions among banks, businesses, and government.

We recommend our friends and clients take advantage of this break in gold prices to review their vulnerability to financial gird failure and to the Fed’s coming crypto dollar.

For thousands of years, as far back a Kublai Khan’s mulberry bark monetary scheme and the Roman emperors’ debauching of precious metals coins with base metal substitutes, private ownership of gold and silver have proven to be the most robust and reliable means of protection from the failure of large monetary and financial systems.

Let us provide you with a free one-on-one free consultation to show you how precious metals can protect your wealth and your retirement.

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