Silver Bar 1-oz

Silver Bar 1-oz

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  • Eligible for Precious Metals IRAs
  • Silver Content – 1 troy oz.
  • Gross Weight – 1 troy oz.
  • Composition – 0.999
  • Thickness – Varies
  • Mint Dates – N/A
  • Manufacturer – Varies
  • Bars come sealed in plastic


  • Description



1 oz Silver Bar, also commonly referred to as ingots, are privately minted silver assets that are typically purchased by investors in 1 oz., 10 oz., or 100 oz increments as they are easier to buy and sell in smaller denominations. Larger bars, up to 500 oz. are traded on COMEX and other major exchanges.


Since 1 oz Silver bar are privately minted by a variety of companies such as Engelhard, Johnson Matthey and Credit Suisse among other, there are wide range of designs and mint marks. However, all reputable silver bars will have silver mass, purity and issuing company either on the reverse or obverse of the bar. Red Rock will not guarantee the producer of silver bars unless otherwise specified.

1 oz Silver Bar are an unhedged asset, meaning they are minted in unlimited quantity to meet market demand.

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