Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar – Circulated

  • One of the most sought after 90% silver coins
  • Considered to be among the most beautiful US coins
  • 90% silver purity (10% copper)
  • Circulated condition
  • Mass – 12.50g
  • Diameter – 30.63 mm
  • Edge – Reeded
  • Silver – 0.36169 troy oz.
  • Mint marks – D (Denver), S (San Francisco) marks are located for 1916 and some 1917 pieces on obverse to right of Liberty just under the letters “Tr” in “In God We Trust”, later issues on reverse at lower left, under the tree. The coins minted at the Philadelphia Mint lack mint mark.

The United States Mint produced Silver Walking Liberty Half-dollars from 1916 to 1947. Because their mintage period precedes the discontinuation of silver coin production, they are among the last pieces of currency to be minted from genuine silver. Each Walking Liberty half-dollar boasts a silver purity of 90% and are in average circulated condition.
This coin is considered among the most beautiful US coins because of the complexity of the design and consequently, the difficulty in minting which is partially why this coin was replaced in 1948 by the Franklin. Prominently displayed on the front is the coin’s namesake, Lady Liberty, who is crossing a field to greet the rising sun. She is depicted holding a bundle of oak and laurel branches in one arm and beckoning an invitation with the other. She embodies the generosity of hope and freedom that America extends to those who come here. Engraved to the right of her is the phrase “In God We Trust.”

The reverse side pays tribute to our national bird who has perched itself on top of a tree limb. With its poised vigilance, the eagle represents this country’s sense of courage and bravery. Encircling the proud bird are our country’s name as well as the coin’s denomination. The words “E Pluribus Unum” have been inscribed to the left of the eagle.

Due to the extremely detailed rendering of the artwork, some of the branches of the United States Mint found it difficult to execute this design unto the coin itself. As a result, the Walking Liberty Half-dollars would feature a number of errors during its mintage. One such error occurred in 1942, when the front of the coin displayed an “overpunching ”or overlapping “D” and “S” in the “In God we trust” motto. Another error was in 1942, when the reverse side of the coin exhibited a double die. However, flawed pieces such as these are now classified as collectibles.

Coins can have normal wear from circulation