Gold $5 Commemorative

  • Gold Content - 0.2419 troy oz.
  • Denomination - $5
  • Composition - 90% gold, 10% Alloy
  • Coin Diameter - 2.16 in.
  • Thickness - 1.75 in.
  • Mint Dates - Varies/random years
  • Coin mint date depicted in image is an example, actual coin mint date is random

$5 U.S. Gold Commemoratives have been produced the U.S. Mint since 1986 that have honored important aspects of American history and culture. Commemorative coins have real historical significance which tends to increase their overall value above and beyond spot price.

These coins are a great way to diversify any investment portfolio.  $5 Gold Commemorative coins come in a wide variety of subject matters giving a wide range of options lending this asset class increased versatility when starting or growing any metals portfolio. All of these $5 Gold Coins are high in value and high in demand.