What is it good for? How much is it worth? Where should you store it?

Investors who have yet to purchase precious metals as a way to diversify their portfolio and want to get their feet wet often start with junk silver coins. Available in mixed lots of coins, they’re an introduction to buying other types of bouillon. There is less risk involved with purchasing and selling 90 percent silver coins because they are readily available and circulated at one point in the past.

What is Junk Silver?

Junk silver is a term used to describe silver currency minted in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia that contain 90 percent silver but do not have numismatic value making them collectible. There are no commemorative, rare or proof coins among the ‘junk,’ so they only have value due to the silver contained within them. All US coins dated 1964 and earlier contained mostly silver except during World War II when nickels were created using 35 percent silver.

The ‘war nickels’ aren’t considered as worthy as junk silver Coins because of the likelihood that they tarnished and became an unflattering shade of greenish-black. Other coins contain only 40 percent silver such as John F Kennedy half dollars dated from 1965-1969. Investors have the option to purchased circulated or brilliant uncirculated (BU) fifty-cent pieces.

How to Buy Junk Silver

You’ll be able to buy junk silver Coins in the US in mixed lots of coins. All contain 90 percent silver and carry a face value of $1 USD. Some of the currency you’ll receive include quarters and dimes because many nickels of the same era did not contain as much silver due to war-time rationing of all supplies, including precious metals.

When you opt to buy other precious metal coins, you’re able to add junk silver Coins to your purchase. It’s yet another way to safeguard your retirement savings and benefit from the sale of the metal at a later date. Speaking to a precious metal specialist about your options is ideal as it allows someone to answer all of your questions promptly.

Where to Store Junk Silver

Junk silver Coins can be stored wherever you choose to keep it. Arrangements are made to have it delivered to your home at your discretion or kept in a Depository Storage facility where it remains protected like your other coins. It’s up to you to decide where you want to store the junk silver coins as they’re ultimately yours to do what you wish with them as soon as you buy them.

A Low-Risk Option for Your Consideration

Junk silver is a low-risk investment option that allows people to own precious metals without spending a lot on them. They’re something that introduces new investors to the world of silver quickly. If you’re interested in buying junk silver Coins, you now have a better idea of how to do so.

Being an informed investor gives you greater freedom overall when it comes to your financial future. You’re then able to live life the way you always anticipated you would after retirement. The lifestyle you desire is within your reach!

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