As recession fears grow among Americans, one financial analyst is warning that a 2022 recession would “be like no other in history.” He said the upcoming recession would be different because of a robust labor market, cash-rich companies, and rising rates. In other news, Wall Street analysts expect commodities to see another rally by the end of the year.

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3 big reasons why a 2022 recession would be like no other in history

No two recessions are alike. But the potential recession in 2022 is looking like the most unique one we’ve ever seen.

Some traditional signs of an economic slowdown are already upon us. U.S. GDP has shrunk for two quarters in a row — the textbook definition of a technical recession.

Meanwhile, homebuilding activity has plummeted while consumer confidence is at its lowest point since the pandemic erupted. However, President Joe Biden said on Thursday that the nation remains “on the right path.”

Here are three big reasons why the upcoming recession is different.

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Wall Street analysts are betting on another red-hot commodity rally before year-end

Commodities have broadly pulled back from their recent peaks, but Wall Street analysts say the fundamentals are pointing to another rally by year-end.

As of Friday, the UBS CMCI (Constant Maturity Commodity Index) had fallen by around 11% from its peak in early June, while performance in July was flat, but was still up 16% year-to-date.

In a research note Friday, UBS Global Wealth Management strategists said the supply-side constraints that underpinned the surge in commodity prices in the first half of the year had taken a backseat to the deteriorating outlook for global economic growth, a strengthening U.S. dollar and China’s housing predicament.

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Retirement accounts take hit with inflation, but investors stay the course

It was a rocky second quarter for many Americans who saw their retirement accounts take a hit as inflation roiled the stock market.

However, a new study shows most investors are still committed to the long haul despite uneasiness over volatility.

Fidelity Investment’s latest Q2 2022 Retirement Analysis, released Wednesday and viewed ahead of time by FOX Business, shows that while anxiety is high among American retirement savers, folks are overwhelmingly staying the course toward building long-term wealth.

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