This .9995 American Palladium Eagle coin contains a full troy ounce of palladium. First issued in 2017, this low-mintage coin marked the United States’ first attempt at a standard palladium bullion coin. The obverse (front) is a rendition of the famed Mercury Dime, designed by Aldolph A. Weinman. The reverse of the American Palladium Eagle coin features an eagle and is based on Weinman’s 1907 American Institute of Architects (AIA) medal design.

The American Palladium Eagle coin is on the CUSIP list. This coin is available in bullion, proof, and reverse proof editions. A one-ounce coin carries a face value of $25, although the metal content is worth much more.

BONUS FACT – This coin has the lowest mintage overall of any U.S. bullion coins, with only 70,000 pieces total authorized for the four years it was been produced.

American Palladium Eagle Coin

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