You’ve been working toward this goal for most of your adult life: but are you really ready to retire? Here are five questions you should ask yourself before riding off into the sunset.

1 – What Type of Retirement do you Envision? Different people choose to enjoy retirement differently. Some have always dreamed of traveling the world and enjoying lavish vacations on a regular basis. Others will be totally content simply kicking back in their hometown with friends and relatives. Some may even seek part time work and/or volunteer options in order to stay busy and feel productive. Knowing what type of retirement you want will help you plan more effectively.

2 – What Types of Insurance Will You Need? Though the ideal time to purchase a life insurance policy is in early adulthood, many people don’t get around to this until later in life. Purchasing a policy will help your family care for themselves and cover your final expenses, which is something to consider. Long-term care insurance is another possibility: in the event that you require a caretaker at some point along the road, this will also ease the burden on your family.

3 – What Expenses And Needs Will You Have? Many costs associated with work will decline once you retire: you will no longer need to maintain a professional wardrobe, finance your daily commute, or eat out due to being busy. However, it is important to think about what you will be spending money on.

4 – Where will You Live? Some people enjoy retirement from the family home; others chose to move to an area with a better climate, or with lower costs of living, or closer to their kids, etc. The costs of moving (and the cost of living in your new location) should be taken into account.

5 – What Assets and Income Sources Are You Counting On? Social security may be able to help to some extent, but you will probably want/need more. (And counting on the government to continue financing social security is a gamble in its own right.) This is why building a savings account and a diversified portfolio is a necessity. Visit Red Rock Secured to learn more.


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