Nearly everyone dreams of one day riding off into the sunset, and spending their golden years relaxing, traveling, sharing time with family, and simply enjoying life. Many of us even dream of doing this earlier than the standard retirement age of 65.

Of course, dreaming and doing are two very different things, and actually retiring early requires quite a bit of hard work, persistent dedication, and careful planning.

Early retirement also requires a bit of send critique. If you are going to achieve your financial goals comfortably, it is important to measure your progress along the way. Asking yourself the following questions can help you judge whether or not you are on the right track for early retirement.

• You Have Created Clear Goals For Your Retirement And Your Financial Future. Have you pondered over what type of lifestyle and what kinds of activities and vacations you would like to enjoy during retirement? Do you know whether or not the grandkids will need help paying for college, which is increasingly expensive? Do you know exactly what age you would like to retire at, and do you know how much you would like to have saved up for that moment? The more financial questions that you have clear answers for, the more secure your retirement plans will be.

• You Have Accumulated Diverse Savings and Assets. A secure future requires more than just an impressive lump sum of money. Inflation, economic downturns, and unexpected circumstances should all be expected and planned for — and the more diverse your savings, the better. Owning a healthy mix of stocks, bonds, precious metals, and other physical assets is the best way to go.

• Your Money Is Working For You Now. The ideal way to achieve a truly comfortable and secure retirement is to achieve passive income. In other words, your current wealth should be creating more wealth on its own by appreciating in value some way or another.

• You Have Developed Excellent Budget Setting (And Budget-Following) Skills. This last point should go without saying: retirement means living on a budget. (Even if that budget is large, as most of us dream.) The more practice you have setting and sticking to budgets, the better!

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